Ret Paladin Updates 12/26/10

A few Retribution Paladin updates I wanted to make you guys aware of.  After further research, and some number crunching, including some information from Elitist Jerks, there are a few changes I have made to some crucial bits of information.

Best Enchants for Bracers and Boots

This information is from Elitist Jerks, and it appears the WotLK Greater Assault enchants that yield attack power are best in slot for us at the moment.  These far outweigh secondary stats that we previously thought were best in slot in terms of Cataclysm enchants.  Reaching hit and expertise caps should currently be done by gearing up and reforging. 

Click to visit Best Retribution Paladin Enchants

Weapon List Modified

I really modified the weapons list I had.  I have a much better idea of what is going to put out more DPS, though most of them are very close to each other, separated only by secondary stat priorities.

Click to visit Best Retribution Paladin Weapons Pre-Raid

Critical Strike versus Haste

Critical Strike takes a tiny jump ahead of Haste in terms of stat weight priority, but the difference is so small, that you currently want to try and stack both equally, at least to the best that your gear will let you.  In all honesty, as it stands right now, stacking one over the other isn’t going to make or break DPS.

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  1. Erelon says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. I find it very helpful. I have one suggestion, when you give lists of gear it would be very helpful if you could also list where the gear can be obtained from. This would make it easier to prioritize where to go rather than spending more time scouring wowhead or other sites to find where the gear drops from. Sorry you had to work on Christmas. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

  2. lordmogg says:

    LOL i thought from your title there was some new found build 😉 dealing new epic unheard of dps.

    but no…………..bah humbug

  3. Veyden says:

    Thank you for all the work you do here but i was wondering if the early pvp set would be good enough for early raids. I enjoy pvp and raiding and was just curious if i could just use my set now instead of grinding heroics.

  4. kalinis says:

    time to hold onto that mastery gear..

  5. Gallt says:

    Hey Khor, thanks again for all the hard work. I’m currently 85 and grinding rep for all the gear as my guild is slow to come up through Cat and, as previously stated, the LFD pug groups are brutal, even in normals. How many times the group breaks up after a few wipes? Too many. And one group kicked me because of low dps. 1/2 because I didn’t know the instance and was running away from massive damage, and 1/2 because of stats. Was using 316-333 gear, mainly blues and only putting out about 4.2-4.5dps??? Well, came down to hit and exp. as you stated. Got some tank gloves with +170ish hit and reforged the parry to exp, geared down to a few greens and took a str./dps loss to gain more hit and exp, and lo and behold, next instance average 6.2-6.5 dps with spikes to 6.9, #2 in group behind a mage and beat a lock! I played with different combinations at the dummies and worked on my rotations, but you can’t go wrong with more hit and exp. (at least to the cap) Now tonight I will have enogh rep for the gryphon gloves from Wildhammer clan but will probably stick with my tank ones since the rep gloves have no hit rating. I will save them until I get other gear with decent hit. Like you said, best in slot lists are not always the best gear for your situation. Great info here and have been turning friends on to you site.

  6. Gallt says:

    Actually, you might check into gloves of gnombliteration, from a Jones quest I think. These are the tank gloves I am wearing for now. Have a great hit bonus and I believe good str. stats and the parry rating can be reforged to expertise. May help someone else in the same boat as I was. Curious to hear your opinion.

  7. Dave says:

    oops 129 hit/185 str, gloves of gnombliteration…..tried to post on monday mornig from memory 🙂

  8. chikusho says:

    What about the PvP weapons, such as Vicious Gladiator’s Bonegrinder?

    Where does that fall on that weapons list? I’ve heard people try to dismiss it because of the resilience, but the base damage and Str is so high that I am thinking it has to be better than most if not all of the blues?

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