Ret Paladin – Cata Beta Build 13277

Another Cataclysm Beta build is being deployed and it seems we get another nerf.  We must be packing one hell of a punch at level 85, because with Crusader Strike dropping from 150% to 115% weapon damage, and now this latest decrease to Seal of Truth, it would seem Blizzard is trying to tone down our DPS.

I’m not in Beta, I really wish I was, but this latest seal change just boggles my mind.  To me, the seals in their current form already appear weak, with the brunt of our damage coming from attacks and abilities.  To further lessen the impact of our main raiding seal hurts.

I could be wrong, and I hope someone actually in Beta out will post a comment shedding some light on the possible reason behind this change!

UPDATE: Looks like this was a tooltip correction, and the actual numbers are still the same!  Thanks Arrav for pointing that out!

A full set of Beta Build 13277 notes can be found at MMO Champion.


  • Seal of Truth now scales from 9.65% of Spell Power / Attack Power, down from 12.85%. Now deals 9% weapon damage when stacked 5 times, down from 15%.


  1. Lordmogg says:


  2. Eadarendur says:


    * Seal of Truth now scales from 9.65% of Spell Power / Attack Power, down from 12.85%. Now deals 9% weapon damage when stacked 5 times, down from 15%.

  3. Khor says:

    Thanks Ead, got it fixed!

  4. Arrav says:

    Hey, Ghost crawler recently posted this change was actually a tool-tip fix for a nerf a few builds ago. Sounds like a source!

  5. Khor says:

    Awesome news!

  6. Incrusiable says:

    hey khor email me anything you might want me to look into on the beta i got it on both my accounts xD
    email is [email protected]
    just leme know what you might want me to investigate about anyhting at all anyhting you just want to know its all good ill let you know :D

  7. Zonama says:

    Why do people complain about our dps just keep it where it is

  8. Incrusiable says:

    its not so much our dps as our overall damage i can atest to that fact i pop wings in tol barad on the beta servers and can get someone from 100% to 0 in about 5 sec flat being tnak heals or dps

  9. Arrav says:

    As with incrusiable, I can pop wings and chew through almost anything in about 10 seconds. I think that hammer of wrath damage should be toned down a wee bit and maybe increase damage elsewhere.

  10. Incrusiable says:

    im with arrav but truthfully until tonight i hadent done much with pallies on the beta just screwed around with target dummies and killed critters but i just did a heroic sfk (wich is horribly difficult) and did amazing numbers trust me fellow paladins once you get the new spell at 81 you will see MASSIVE dps increase i faced a holy priest in a duel both of us in full pvp gear i was able to dwindle her to nothing without wings in about 15-20 seconds. also for those who were wondering what the guardian does for ret he stacks a str buff every time he meles and you mele increasing your str a butt ton and then at the end of the however long it is he explodes doing aoe damage to up to like 6 people for a certain ammount times how much stacks of the str buff you have

  11. MstSage says:

    We still pack a good punch. as long as we have the BIS for 85. Along with gems and enchants, a note though with the current BIS your Hit Cap is reached along with expertise cap so reforge what you need to. and the crit meta gem “requires more blue gems then red gems” may be an issue and might need to focus more on mastery then strength. since we really don’t need stam. at 85 with t-11 gear and other BIS health is at 120k strength is way up there too.

    Zuluhed – Horde

    P.S. you better know how to use repentance and other cc’s or else you will fail horribly at the heroics.

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