Patch 3.3 Key Information

Retribution-Paladin-WoW-1I always have a few features with new patches that I am really looking forward to, or I find are significant changes in the game.  For Patch 3.3, I have compiled a quick list from the patch notes, and some that aren’t on the 3.3 notes as a quick reference:

  • All heroic dungeons now drop Emblems of Triumph instead of Emblems of Conquest.
  • Bind on Account items, such as Heirloom Gear, can now be transferred cross faction (Horde to Alliance, Alliance to Horde).
  • New Looking for Group tool, and new Looking for Raid tool.
  • Weekly raid quest, similar to daily heroic quests.
  • Meeting stones have a minimum of lvl 15 for summoning.  No max level required now.
  • Level one characters now start with optimal weapons and no food/water in inventory.
  • HP and Mana regeneration up to 200% for low level characters, slowly regressing until normalized at level 15.
  • Battleground daily quests will also award 25 Arena points in addition to current rewards.
  • Quest objectives can now be tracked on the map.
  • Experience earned for a quest will be listed under quest rewards.
  • Ignore List doubled to allow for 50 ignores.
  • Group Disenchanting option that functions similar to current need & greed rolls.
  • Improved texture management for Windows XP users.
  • Kal’uak Fishing Derby (another fishing tourny!)
  • Enchanted Thorium is now a Mining skill.
  • The following reputations have been sped up by roughly 30%: Argent Crusade, Alliance Vanguard, Horde Expedition, Kirin Tor, Knights of the Ebon Blade, Sons of Hodir, Wyrmrest Accord.
  • Sons of Hodir quests give more reputation overall.
  • Top-level helm and shoulder faction-related enchants are now available as Bind-on-Account items that do not require any faction to use once purchased (they still require the appropriate faction level to purchase).
  • Haris Pilton is selling a 24-slot bag in Shattrath.

So that’s it, that’s my list of patch changes (non-class related) that are important and relevant to me!  I’ll have the full set of patch notes listed tomorrow when 3.3 goes live!

Official WoW Patch 3.3 Notes HERE

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