New Ret Paladin Hit and Expertise Caps 4.0.1

We have new hit and expertise caps as Retribution Paladins with the stat changes brought about in Patch 4.0.1.  I knew the hit cap had changed, and was holding off on posting the expertise change until we had more concrete proof.

For those players new to the hit cap and expertise cap concerning Ret Paladins, hit cap reduces our chance to miss a boss with melee physical damage by 0%.   Expertise cap removes a targets chance to parry or dodge our attacks.  Each of these caps are in place to optimize DPS.

Ret Paladin Hit Cap and Expertise Cap

  • Hit – 246 Hit Rating or 8%
  • Expertise – 22.37 Expertise or 172 Expertise Rating

Note that for Draenei, only 215 hit is needed thanks to the racial ability.  Credit to EJ on the exact Expertise rating needed [Source].

Keep in mind that for the best damage output, getting hit and expertise cap still takes priority!  So those two stats still are tops on our list, right up along with strength.


  1. lordmogg says:

    LOL I only reforged a couple of days ago to get 263 Hit and 28 Exp. ;)

    Back to the reforger me thinks for more Haste instead.

    Thank you for all the info you provide by the way. It has helped me tune up my Ret no end.

  2. sonarghost says:

    So if I’m reading this correctly I should try to hit the hitcap and expertise cap first before I concentrate on strength stats?

  3. Khor says:

    @ Sonar – Simple answer, yes. Complicated answer…try reforging first to see if you can reach your caps that way…That allows you to gem for as much strength as possible. Enchanting for hit might help as well. Don’t enchant expertise, pure gear and reforging for that. Use glyph of seal of truth to help assist.

  4. Anthony says:

    Lol, back when I reforged, I hit exactly 8% since the stats were too high to reforge exactly to the old hit cap :D

    Still doesnt make up for me switching Meta gems though :(

    But I was expecting a lot of changes anyway.

  5. Emre says:

    Expertise – 22.37 Expertise or 172 Expertise Rating???

    Wow disagrees. If u have (22 expertise) 172 expertise rating your dodge change %1 & parry change %8.5 for 83 lvl mobs.

  6. Shimrra says:

    EJ testing with 6k auto attacks at 95exp with GoSoT confirms the above. I’m currently at 1100 with Shadow’s Edge and no dodges (WoW shows 0.75% chance to dodge at boss/83).

    Nice to see its been changed, managed to reforge to mastery for some further testing (capped on haste/hit/exp).

  7. Stizuner says:

    What is the hit cap for pvp?

  8. DEMONJEANK says:

    I just have to be overcaped for the moment with my current gear and the limited pre-determined amount of points I can re-forge I wont be able to meet the hit/expt cap :(

  9. Raikien says:

    hey khor have a question what should i glyph for instead of seal of truth glyph if i am expertise capped without it already

  10. Raikien says:

    btw amazing site i use to suck bad on my pally until i discovered ur site keep up the amazing work man

  11. Handera says:

    I’m confused on your expertise amount. You say we need 22.37. With glyph of seal of truth active, I have exactly 26 expertise, which reduces my chance to be dodged by 6.5%. Are you saying we don’t need 6.5% anymore?

  12. Alphabob says:

    After the maintenance update today, I couldn’t help but notice that I was being Parried a LOT while doing my dailies in Northrun. I checked recount and saw that I was seeing about 3.7% of my melee DPS swings being blocked against level 80 mobs around Icecrown.

    I figured I must have something wrong, like fishing gear on, but I checked and my GS was just under 6K (normal), my hit was 8.06% (248) and my expertese was 26 — which is above the 22.37 level.

    So something bad has happened.

    Glancing blows were about 23%, which is normal.

  13. Khor says:

    I’ve noticed the same on my Paladin…the numbers appear wrong…investigating.

    I have double checked my info with that on Elitist Jerks and testing displayed on the WoW forums. Something is amiss and I will figure it out :)

  14. Ulf says:

    Same here – been reforging like crazy – did do Mastery – then reforeged haste – Finding it hard to get exact on the Cap and will no doubt need to reforge again – Did you notice a HUGE drop in Strength with the Patch? I was sitting with 2 T10 and the rest 245 and 264′s and an overall STR of nearly 2600 – BUT the patch dropped it to 2300…Now with 4T10 Still sitting with 2200…But saying that the new system of T.V and holy Power is well powerful and seen regular 20-25K Crits…

    THE most annoying thing with the patch to date is the Screen freeze – Usually when I am just entering an instance or raid – then the only way to progress is to Switch the damn puter off! ARRRRRRRG

    Great site matey

    All the best

    Ulfenstein @ Khadgar

  15. metin says:

    Is it worth reforging for Mastery at this point or getting haste capped is the priority?

  16. Therodius says:

    SO let me make sure I am on the same page. The stats that we need are strength and stam like always. Then make sure we are hit capped, and have the expertise rating. Once we get those work on haste? Sorry, I haven’t been messing with my paladin much lately.

  17. cylis says:

    mmmh…where does 22.37 expertise come from? I had 24 today and it was telling me I had a 0.5 % dodge on 83+ bosses…at 25 I had 0.25%…is the tooltip wrong or did I miss something?

  18. Metin says:

    So what is the correct expertise cap? This is the only thing I’ve read from wowwiki:
    Expertise rating changed from 8.1974973675 to 7.688690185546875 per 1 expertise. Many talents with expertise were removed from game.

  19. Quilby says:

    My crit is now at 25.20%. Is this fine?

    I am right at the hit and expertise cap. My latency is between 52-102 so I went for a bit over 26% haste.

    My Armory

  20. eraldagon says:

    @ Quilby

    if bin reading up on ret pally,s alot sindce i started WOW 2 weeks ago and my pally is now almost 70 , if bin reading alot of ret pally,s
    have there crit chance at 33% and that that was the ideal crit chance
    in combo with there other stats

    greedz eraldagon

  21. Marina says:

    Just for kicks and giggles I reforged all my excess hit (over cap) to expertise to see how much would make my tooltip tell me I wouldn’t miss. (I’d rather spend gold then do math XD)

    Didn’t quite get there, but with seal of truth glyph, I’m at 55 expertise and I still have a 0.25% chance to be parried on a raid boss. (Incidently without seal of truth I have a 45 rating and 2.75% chance to get parried) The rest are zeroed out. Went and wailed on a dummy for awhile, and didn’t miss once. Don’t know what that tells anyone, but there you go.

    I was way over hit cap from all my gear, so I could do this with no impact to my other stats.

  22. Pallykate says:

    Okay… I was in ICC10 last night, On Sindragosa. After running away to remove some stacks, I noticed that my Exo was proc’d and used it on the run.. and .. it MISSED! Here is the funny thing, I was @ 260 hit rating and 29 Expertise rating. Looked up recount and it was the only miss the entire run. I am assuming it was a freak thing, or is there something that I am not taking into account?

  23. Khor says:

    @ Pallykate – Exorcism is a spell, and it uses the spell hit table. Hit rating cap for spells is different than that of melee attacks, which is why it probably happened :)

  24. Spankles says:

    Hey with the hit cap being 8% wat happens if you go over does it affect dps an if so how much, im having trouble in dungeons when i get in with a shammy an my hit percent goes above 10% an i noticed my crits droping from 20 – 25k down to 10 – 15k, these crits coming from templars verdict (nt sure if hit makes a difrance) also same with my crit, the higher it went the less dmg i was doing :SS any info would be helpful

    Khor i would also like to congratulate on your exceptional work bro Solid effort, keep it up Killr

    Spankles of Gundrak
    Death before Dishonour

  25. Warethunder says:

    Hi, so idk if i’m just an idiot or what, but I have the glyph of Seal of Truth… should i be reforging to 26 or just leave it at 16?

  26. Peregrine says:

    What the hell are you guys talking about? I have 872 Hit at the moment and I still have .74% chance to miss on a level 88 or Boss-Level enemy. My Expertise is at 465 and I am nowhere NEAR the cap, I still have a chance to be dodged by mobs of all levels.

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