New 4.1 PTR Patch Update

New 4.1 PTR update and still nothing new for Retribution.  I think it is safe to say the Word of Glory change is the extent of different playstyle we will see with Retribution Paladins that are specific to Patch 4.1.

You can see the updated 4.1 PTR Notes here: Patch 4.1 PTR Notes

I’ll have to admit ZG and ZA will be welcome additions, and I look forward to jumping into some 5-mans when 4.1 goes live.  For now though, it looks like we are still sitting through the same old grind.

On a side note, I have noticed an increase in PUG raids, but I have not seen a significant amount of information on the success of these PUGs.  I hear 3-4 bosses are easily  downable, and the rest require much more coordination.

Have any of you seen success in PUG raids?  I’m curious…


  1. BleacherRetPally says:

    Hi Khor!

    Again, thanks for the great website and your continual awesome dedication.

    Pug Raids. Yes, I have done a number of them and I will say from my experience, they have all been frustrating.

    I was a pug for about a month as my guild was having constant issues, and each raid was a mess. Unless you have several who already know the fights and are able to, most importantly, LEAD, the raid disaster. In addition, if you have a good raid lead, you also need..wait for it…”people who know HOW TO FOLLOW directions.” It is amazing how many still don’t understand ” please avoid the deadly swirls on the floor” or “don’t stand in the red beam of death.”

    Honestly Khor. I have finally but a hold on WOW for a few months. The game has become boring and it seems like the only ways to play the game are raiding or PVP. Raiding has become a chore and my guild (and others that I have tried) can never get a decent group together who to want to learn, progress, and grow. And of course the pug disaster I have already mentioned. In addition, the last month of my Wow playing was basically “log on and be bored.” Long waits for the daily heroic and failed raids finally did me in.

    I now play Rift and while it is pure Wow clone, I feel like I am learning different skills, mechanics, and finally exploring new lands! I am sure I will return to Wow in a few months, but for now RIFT has my attention and I am actually looking forward to playing it each time I log on.

  2. Maanway says:

    We have a guild group that at the moment has to pug out usually at least three if not more raid spots sometimes as many as seven spots. We can usually take out three bosses sometimes effortlessly( magmaw, halfus, and omnitron) but at that point it usually breaks down. Even then to get that far depends on how well geared the pick ups are to cover over the mistakes from lack of coordination. One omnitron one shot , for example, we went down to 2 dps, 2 tanks , and 2 heals at 40% and survived because heals were good and dps was blowing it up. Other times we cant get magmaw down to 50%.

  3. Whig says:

    Yeah, it’s a very mixed bag.

    My playtime has been very erratic so i don’t have a raid slot with my guild, but I fill in when I can. We still have a rule that if we have to PUG a tank, we don’t go. Harsh, but its just not worth the hassle.

    The twin dragons seem to be a major gatekeeper fight for most PUGs. (all PUGs, in my personal experience.) Something about the complexity of that fight just destroys people. I can’t tell you how many times I’m jamming along, doing my respectable DPS, doing the dance, and suddenly two healers are dead from a breath attack that you can see coming from a mile away. It’s astounding.

    On the other hand, a well lead PUG with someone in vent who can really explain and call a fight can do well. Of course, that kind of group usually has the wisdom to vet its players pretty well…

    I have not yet been in a PUG that has finished any raid, but they have downed bosses. I think that’s a decent place for things to be. We are a ways out from the next raid tier, so PUGs shouldn’t be farming Cho’Gall. I’m OK with that.

    As far as the WoG change I’m bummed because of what it means for soloing. But for PvE I can live with it.

  4. Polybius says:

    I’m still unbelievably pissed about the new patch changes. Now I’ll basically be a Warrior that can’t DPS as high or heal as well.

  5. neo says:

    i have also stopped playing wow, mainly because the amount of time i put in is not worth the rewards, this is because i am not in a raiding guild, it was just a mass invite guild with trying to raid but each time failed to get a full guild run had to pug afew and never got a boss down, sad i know, this lead me to doing pvp and arena, but after getting all items with honnor and capping out conquest each week i had nothing to do, lead to no pve ret upgrades for months and a new pvp epic about once a week, plus i got a baby due any day now, i guess if i come back all the welfare epic will be out from ZA and ZG and those best enchant prices will be cheap, maybe ill come back , but prob not, no fault to the game, i just dont want to apply online to a decent guild and have to prove myself as a trail for weeks to get anything. great site as always ill still check the news on this site.


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