If I was in Cataclysm Beta Right Now…

Sitting on the outside of Cataclysm Beta looking in can leave the normal WoW player drooling.  We’d all love to get our hands on Beta keys.  But that’s probably not going to happen for most of us.

Keep in mind, in Beta, not only are you playing new content, but you are also helping Blizzard by giving constant feedback on the content you experience.

The average player that says “OMG Beta I want in!” because they are bored with WotLK, and have no intent to help Blizzard out by giving constructive feedback, is a wasted body with a Beta key.  Sadly, though, this dilutes the pool of players in Beta. 

I’m sure Blizzard has ways of getting the most out of their Beta testing, which is why we experience such great expansions.  But for you and me, everything we absorb about Cataclysm is read online.  It will most likely remain so until Cata goes live!

So sit back, and enjoy reading MMO Champion, World of Raids, and other sites that bring us constant Beta coverage!

As for me, I compiled a nice little list of things I’d do in Beta if I randomly get selected for a key.  Make sure to leave a comment at the end with what YOU would do!

If I was in Cataclysm Beta right now…

…I would be leveling my Ret Paladin.

…I would take my max level Ret Paladin and start beating the hell out of some dummies testing max DPS rotations.

…I would fully explore all the new zones, tasting the new stories and lore.

…I would revisit the old zones to see all the awesome changes.

…I would work out the quickest way to level Blacksmithing and Mining.

…I would scour all my Blacksmithing recipes to search for major changes. What items will be better for leveling now?

…I would attempt to level cooking to max level (if available).

…I would attempt to level fishing to max level.

…I would start leveling a new Paladin in each of the starting zones to see which is the quickest current way.

…I would start leveling a Tauren Paladin to see what the Horde side of things are like.

…I would adamantly request a pack mule at the cost of 50,000g to double my character’s bag space.

…I would adamantly request a “closet” feature to store up to 5 sets of armor at 5,000g, or 1,000g per set.

…I would test all the new instances, and give reports back specific to Ret Paladins here on this site!

…I would eagerly await raiding opportunities, should they arise.

…I would make a female Goblin Hunter for the akward cuteness of the race.

…I would make a male Human Hunter, most likely dubbed Khorbinhood.

…I would make a Dwarf Shaman to see if somehow a shorter race would make me enjoy totems, which I currently am unable take a liking to.

…I would make any number of Worgen classes to try out the new Worgen zones.

…I would create a Gnome Priest and see if I would be willing to level the new Gnome class to max level.


…I would be spending ridiculous amounts of gold in the auction house because in Beta, unlike in live servers, it is okay to blow your entire fortune on a stack of Thorium Ore.

What would you do in Cataclysm Beta if Blizzard handed you a key tomorrow?


  1. wtfhealme says:

    id make a female gnome priest, just for the cute laugh and how odd they would look casting that aoe healing bubble (never played priest b4 so dno name)

  2. Ronark says:

    You can only get to level 83 on the Beta. :(

  3. Khor says:

    Heh, yeah, only 83 atm. When I meant max level, I meant to whatever is the highest they have available for testing.

    I do have a few guildies already in Beta. They’re loving the Worgen areas so far!

  4. Ronark says:

    Its arguably better than the Goblin one, that’s for sure.

  5. Khor says:

    Yeah, I’ve been hearing it really sticks to the lore, and has a very rich storyline.

  6. Khronoz says:

    Troll is supposely best starting zones nice and friendly for.New players

  7. Slacker says:

    I’ve heard the worgen starting area is this epic battle that you affect as you start. Something similar to the Death Knight opening. (This is just roomers so I may be way off). Given how awesome it sounds this would be up there on my list right after finishing leveling to 80.

  8. Cloudruler says:

    I was in the LK beta and really enjoyed testing and giveing feedback of what i thought they could do to tune stuff up. So i would work on smashing stuff with the pally and melting faces with the lock to see what they need to fix. I would steer clear of the Worgen zone tho as i want it to be a surprise and new when i lvl a druid.

  9. Polirmon says:

    Might be a nubby question, but.. hmm.. how the hell can I get a beta key? I also wanted SCII one which I couldn’t get;/

    Great site, keep up the good work :3
    Its rare to see a founder who keeps up the great work for so much time.

  10. Andrew says:

    I got a beta key invite. >.>

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