Expertise Cap Confirmed By Blizz

The Expertise Cap for Retribution Paladins did indeed change with Patch 4.0.1.  Ghostcrawler said it was an unintentional change, and the Expertise Cap should be back to 26 at level 85.  For now, it seems we only need 23 Expertise to reach the Expertise Cap! [Source]


Due to recalibrating expertise for Cataclysm, level 80-83 creatures (which includes bosses) dodge and parry less, so you need less expertise, 23, to be exact. Sorry we didn’t announce this. I would classify it as an unintended consequence (though not unknown) and not a desired change on our part.

At level 85, you will need 26 again.


  1. Handera says:

    Are we still assuming hit cap is 8%?

  2. dorgsal says:

    but i have 43 expertise and in char window i still have dodge chance 83lvl 0.00% butn in parry chance 83lvl 3,50%…

  3. dorgsal says:

    and on heroic dumy i still have parry’s

  4. Chellyn says:

    nice to finelly no,kept mine at 25-27 just in case

  5. Captoats says:

    How do people still not understand that dodge and parry are not the same thing? Parry can only happen when attacking from the front, stand behind the boss and you only have dodge to worry about, which gets knocked off the table at 22.37 expertise.

    This site has already covered this information many times, look it up and don’t repeat the same questions over and over.

  6. shandri says:

    Heya jus been readin bout exp cap at 24exp i have a 0.5% chance to b dodged by a lvl 83/boss mob is this a tool tip error or have they hotfixed this so we need 26 exp again? 1st post for me btw but have grown to love this site and the peeps behind. Thanks muchly. /hug /kiss

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