Tanks That Tank

Tanks that tank.  What do I mean by that?  I mean WoW tanks that literally tank it, drag you down, drown you, and suffocate all hopes of having a decent, quick run.  Tanks that are trying to squeak by on the abilities and talents of others, so they can hitch a faster ride to better [...]

Retribution Paladin Solo Moroes

Moroes is the second boss in Karazhan, and is the sole possessor of the ever-elusive Mongoose Enchant Formula.  As a Ret Paladin, I have downed him twice.  As a Prot Paladin, I just recently down him for the first time.  Not because i couldn’t in the past, just because I hadn’t tried.  I will include [...]

Ret Paladin Solo Attumen the Huntsman

Ret Pally / Prot Paladin Attumen the Huntsman is the first boss in Karazhan, the opening raid of Burning Crusade.  Soloing Attumen as a Retribution Paladin proved very difficult for me, leading to many wipes.  Thus, I switched to my off-spec and went Protection.  As a Prot Pally, he was cake. Why Attumen you ask?  [...]

LFD Tool and DPS

LFD, Dungeon Finder, and DPS The Dungeon Finder, or LFD tool, has been an absolutely wonderful addition to WoW.  Not only is it helping me get into more dungeons, loot more badges, and help speed up certain aspects of the game, but it is letting me experience playing with people from other servers, too.  I [...]

PUG Master Khor

Recently, I added the Perky Pug to my plethora of pets.  This little butt scratcher has a nasty little obsession with wiping his ass wherever we travel.  To get the Perky Pug in WoW, you have to run random dungeons using the LFD, or Dungeon Finder tool.  Once you have grouped with 100 random people, [...]

Protection Paladin Quick Guide

Off-speccing protection is one of the many benefits of having a retribution paladin.  It is extremely useful to have the ability to jump into prot pally mode for raids or soloing purposes, and it is one I recently switched to myself.  With a desire to tackle more Molten Core and Karazhan content solo, I decided [...]

Leveling Retribution vs Protection

Here is one thing I have figured out about World of Warcraft…I love leveling. Call me crazy, but something about the 1-80 grind is fun for me. Here is my chronological order of leveling toons and their outcomes: Khorio – Level 63 Human Paladin (deleted) Merican – Level 61 Human Warlock (deleted) Greenleaf – Level [...]