Ret and Agility Gear NO MORE!

Retribution Paladins should no longer be using leather and mail gear with agility, because of the removal of attack power as a secondary stat on gear.  This makes virtually every piece of leather and mail agility gear inferior to strength plate gear.

Attack power essentially was the factor that tipped the scales when we opted for leather as BiS.  Now that it is gone, strength once again becomes the heavy hitter and largest deciding factor in terms of gear selection.

Does this mean no agility weapons either?  You bet.  In terms of equal weapon damage, agility versions will always be inferior.


  1. Briceleroi says:

    That means my Heroic Bloodfall is now useless. That was ret BIS weapon before heroic LK loot. Guess its back to shadows edge

  2. Lyreth says:

    Thank you! This was one of my bigger questions relating to the new changes. I was using heroic Bloodfall from BQL(ilvl 277), but I am switching over to Bryntroll(ilvl 277) because of the changes.

  3. Lyreth says:

    Apparently you were wrong. 🙂 Pre-Halion ret paladins best in slot list actually had 2 pieces of leather. Of course now that is all changed so don’t even worry about the past only look forward. Plate and str it is from here on out! I hear Haste is going to be epic once you stack enough. I dropped a lot of haste and put on a ton of mastery in place of it last night just for fun to see how it worked. Losing haste to gain some Mastery makes you weaker imo. What say you Khor?

  4. Lyreth says:

    Oh and also I guess this would mean we should switch to Ashen Band of Endless Might correct?

  5. Khor says:

    @ Lyreth – From what I am reading, Mastery is our lowest rated stat atm 🙁 And yes, strength Ashen Verdict ring for sure now!

  6. Akiliez says:

    So Ive got my talents, glyphs, and rotation figured out a lil bit but wow my dps had been nerfed bad. I do want to make some reforging changes due to me having A LOT of extra hit rating. My hit rating is at a all time high for me at 383 (just so hard to keep at the max with the t10 gear). But I dont know what to reforge into. Do I do haste to knock off cd time on my CS? If so what percent or number should my haste be at to get the max lowest cd. Or do I just go mastery? This has so far been my weakest point of knowledge in all the changes for im not sure what the top stats are for us now. I know strength is still huge and im guessing Stam and expertise is still as well. But what are the numbers we are looking for with Haste and Mastery, and do they have a max?

  7. Khavar says:


    Agility is done, alrighty then. What is our BiS enchant for our back now?

  8. Khor says:

    @ Khavar – Haste will be tops. Need to update my enchant page 🙂

  9. Tycondious says:

    As i posted in the other actical, I personally believe your priority in stats are Hit ( till capped ) / Haste ( till capped ) / Mastery / Expertise / Crit .. Now depending on h ow mastery plays out it might switch with expertise i dont know…. also crit may come up but the first two are forsures… its all about the HASTE!!! =)

  10. Kcchief says:

    So does this mean I should replace my Shadowvault Slayer’s Cloak with Might of the Ocean Serpent (until I get a shot at Winding Sheet)? I don’t need the expertise w/the MOS cloak, but can reforge for some haste, so I’m guessing that would be more effective. Just looking for some “confirmation” before spending the points for the gear.

    Guess I’ll have to deal with my Woodin’s Lucky neck for awhile…not feeling very lucky at this time.

    Great information you’ve put here…been very helpful!


  11. Khor says:

    @ KC – Yeah, I am stuck with my bracers as well. I’m thinking MotOS might actually be your best option. I never thought I’d say that…but without the AP, it is probably much weaker.

  12. Akiliez says:

    What is the Haste cap?

  13. Aiko says:

    so…we need to gem and enchant to reach Hit and Haste cap then work on Crit after…right?
    btw, I love this website!

  14. Chris says:

    I ran ICC last night with my 10m team and was doing pretty well, but I was pulling major threat. I changed my str/crit gems for straight str. Anyone think this is the reason for the major threat problem or is it a rotation thing. I basically had to auto-attack for much of the fight to lower my threat to make it easier on the warrior tanks. Thanks for your thoughts.

  15. Lykaon says:

    On a related topic, what does this mean for our gem choices? I have 2pc T9 and 2pc T10, but now that the 2pc T9 doesn’t give crit on our DoT, I would assume that the value of Str/Crit gems has diminished.

    Any idea what the “rule” is on that? If the socket bonus is a high enough Str bonus, is it still worth it to gem Str/Crit? Or should we just be shoving Str in everywhere?

    Also, I assume the Onslaught Cape from Frost vendors is no longer the best i264 badge cape. Time to buy the strength one I guess.

  16. Lyreth says:

    I did ICC 25HM Saurfang last night and was doing right around 13k dps. The other fights ranged from 9-12k. In relation to our DK’s that have Shadowmourne pulling 18k dps and our mages and locks doing damn near 20k. Casters got OP buffed by the patch imo… 😛

  17. umm says:

    heroic bloodfall was never bis weapon. lol where do you people get this info?

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