The Fit Gamer – Week 4

Are you guys losing any weight yet?  How about burning fat and building muscle?  I definitely am.  Week Four started off with a bang, but quickly went downhill.  I caught a very nasty stomach virus on Tuesday night that lingered until just yesterday.  I missed work, missed raids…awful feeling.  Even had to go to the doc to get some meds.

So, I haven’t done my full workload this week, hence I will be re-doing Week 4’s workout next week as well.  I Want Six pack Abs is designed to build your body up for harder and harder workouts each week, therefore, I don’t want to skip a week and miss some good training.

Next week will have another video, because I had not anticipated being sick this week, therefore didn’t have one ready for this post.

THis week’s workout is circuit training, meaning I will be doing each set once, one after the other, doing a total of 3 circuits.  Each set will be done for 45 seconds, with about a 15-30 second break between each. Here is the workout I was/will be doing: Week 4.

  • Ball Pushups
  • Ball Squat:  (hold dumbbells on your side if available)
  • Seated Band Row
  • Hip Bridge
  • Side Lateral Raise w/ band
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Ball Crunch
  • Superman

As far as dieting goes, I am still doing very, very well.  No soft drinks, and fast food has been limited to Subway and Taco Bell’s Fresco menu.  Portion control is much easier now, and my hunger has subsided now that I have settled into getting used to eating  smaller meals aday.

With it being so cold, I have implemented some tabata to replace parts of interval training.  Feel free to look that up, and I will be doing a post on it for sure in the near future.

My weight is currently 157 pounds, mostly due to my stomach virus.   My stomach is completely flat now, just working on chiseling that physique!


  1. Sion, Laughing Skull EU says:

    I had a particularly bad week too mate, not so much from the lack of training but more that I had a weekend of drinking. Anyway, I’m changing my routine tomorrow, still doing full body workouts but mixing up the exercises.

    One thing I haven’t seen you mention is stretches, I used to hate them myself but feel much better now for putting them in at the end. Good luck and stay motivated 😉

  2. Khor says:

    I stretch before and after, especially after to help break down those amino acids that cause that horrible muscle fatigue.

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