Fit Gamer – Week 4 Finished, Week 5 Incoming

Well guys, I finished week 4 finally.  Remember, I re-did the week due to a nasty stomach illness the week before.  This week, however, my 17 month old daughter caught a nasty cold, and my wife and I got it a day after.  So we’ve all been sick (and still are sick!).  That didn’t stop […]

The Fit Gamer – Week 4

Are you guys losing any weight yet?  How about burning fat and building muscle?  I definitely am.  Week Four started off with a bang, but quickly went downhill.  I caught a very nasty stomach virus on Tuesday night that lingered until just yesterday.  I missed work, missed raids…awful feeling.  Even had to go to the […]

Fit Gamer – Week 3 Progress

No problems this week from any of the workouts.  I am a tad sore in my quads, but that’s about it.  I can tell this week was focused around the shoulders and arms, because I could really feel the burn, even with such light weights starting out. My dieting has remained consistent, and my weight […]

The Fit Gamer – Week 3

Here we go with Week 3.  Adding a new element to the workout routines: resistance bands.  Resistance bands are great because they are essentially a take-anywhere gym.   You can do just about anything with these. I bought mine on Amazon for around $40 or so.  You can get your own anywhere from $10 to $100, […]

The Fit Gamer – Week 2 Recap

Things are going well this week, and I already feel stronger, especially in terms of endurance.  I have kept up with my healthy diet, and have not touched a soft drink in two weeks, which has been extraordinarily painful.  It’s not the caffeine that I miss, no, it’s the taste.  And my workout routines have been […]

The Fit Gamer – Week 2

Do you think I could get Jillian Michaels to come work my out-of-shape butt out?  Probably not.  But I’d bet you the tiny Biggest Loser trainer would kick my ass. Working out after you haven’t for months is a physical drain.  For the next 2 days I couldn’t do push-ups.  No burning fat, no intense […]

The Fit Gamer – Week One

Get Off WoW, Get in Shape! Well, guys, I don’t know what to tell ya…I’m out of shape.  I was shocked doing my very first workout today, because I really struggled.  My arms actually gave out on me during my push-ups.  Not just 5 months ago I was able to do 50 push-ups in a […]