Fit Gamer – Week 4 Finished, Week 5 Incoming

Well guys, I finished week 4 finally.  Remember, I re-did the week due to a nasty stomach illness the week before.  This week, however, my 17 month old daughter caught a nasty cold, and my wife and I got it a day after.  So we’ve all been sick (and still are sick!).  That didn’t stop me from wokring out.   I got my 3 days of interval training in, as well as 2 solid workouts.

Here is a video I made just for this occasion!

Two things to note in the video…the squat presses don’t go that far down…Normal squats apply, I was just trying to stay in view of the camera! Second, because I was afraid of kicking the shelves behind me, my feet didn’t extend back quite as far as I would have liked, but for sure I usually kick them out farther when doing tabata burpees.

If you want to read more about tabata, here’s a quick post I typed up: Tabata at home. Now, I wrote this for my personal blog last year around this time, so I just moved it over here for anyone to read. It’s a smidge long, but worth it if this is somethign that might interest you.  4 minutes of workout to replace cardio…I know I’m in.

This week is week 5. To see my workout for week 5, visit this workout, which I have been following all along: I Want Six Pack Abs – Week 5.

Here is the video for the workout:

The 5th Week Of My 16 Week Journey To Six Pack Abs – March 19The funniest home videos are here

I am not gonna lie guys, this week is where it starts getting really tough. Kicked mybutt last year when I did this. Looking forward to some more pain this time around!

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