Retribution Paladin Bryntroll Nerf

bryntrollGhostcrawler made a post a couple days ago about a bug making Bryntroll proc too often for Ret Paladins and Unholy DKs [Source]. This, supposedly, is causing Bryntroll to account for a higher percentage of overall DPS than intended.  Bryntroll does proc off several Paladin abilities, but I am unsure where exactly the ‘bug’ lies.

Doing some quick research shows me that most Ret Paladins are getting anywhere from 3% to 6% of their total damage from Bryntroll.  The 6% seems to be the minority, with most reporting 4% to 5%.  I’m not sure that warrants a nerf to Ret Paladins, but if the potential is for 6% or more, then I understand a hotfix may be warranted.

Regardless, it does appear a small nerf will be on the way.  Since Bryntroll is hands down the top weapon choice for us Ret Paladins at the current moment, and fairly easy to get considering it drops off the first boss of ICC, there will be a number of us affected.

Personally, I don’t have it (yet), but it still will remain on the top of my ‘need’ list.


  1. Are you serious? That is so lame. I love this weapon. At first when I got this weapon I wasn’t too fond of it. But because of the proc being ridiculous I was amazed of the boost in my DPS. I guess I have to go for that legendary weapon after all. I need to get more Primordial Saronite arr.

  2. Khor says:

    Yeah, it sucks. I’m curious to see how big of a nerf bat they will swing for this.

  3. incrusiable says:

    the only reason i sorrta dont wanna use this weapon is because i lose (this is item comparison for the wapon i have to this weapon)
    3 Sta
    76 Crit (1.66%)
    103 Hit (3.14%)

    but i gain
    13 Str
    27.3 Melee DPS
    74 Melee Min Damage
    112 Melee Max Damage
    1 Sockets
    its jsut the fact that that is alot of crit so im a lil affraid but being able to sockeet it with two 34 str gems might outweigh that loss of crit im just a lil hesitant
    (weapon i have is 2h sword from marrowgar 10 man)

  4. You don’t know how amazing this weapon is. All those stupid little extra stats are worthless comparable to this proc. Hands down the Bryntoll is the best weapon for Paladins. (even with the nerf)

    Notes: I was on the test dummy with some friends competing with our dps and each time I checked the charts for the proc I was disappointed. I think they already changed the proc for us. It was always at around 4% sigh ;(. Oh well, I get my Shadow’s Edge next week if I get all my primordial saronite on time.

  5. Note: BTW Bryntoll is not better then Shadowmourne

  6. incrusiable says:

    of/c not but i r broke and are bad at saving the dang money for the saronite

  7. Incrusiable - Ysera - Horde says:

    well my previous statement is a now deleted lol i finnaly got all the engineering parts for a bike since my servers weekly was the FL and both groups (10&25) did xt as well just for free gold and i got lucky and got 3 peices off of the 4 bosses so i sold a bike and as well after posting that last night 30 mins later me and some guildies ran a random and we got fos and the hilt dropped and i won
    now i havent sold it yet cause i was wondering if i should do the quest or not the sword is definatly good but i also have the ten man marrowgar sword so any advice is welcome

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