Ret Pally Solo Content

Ret Pally Solo Content

As a Ret Pally in WoW, you can solo quite a bit more than any other class in the game.  Sure, Prot Paladins can solo and last a bit longer against some bigger raid bosses…but that is a serious time drain.  Ret Paladins can knock out old and new solo World of Warcraft content quickly and easily.

For me, I can easily clear all level 60 dungeons, and ZG (minus the bat boss).  In Molten Core I can clear out all trash and take down the first couple bosses, and Garr as well.  IN AQ 20 I have also gotten past the first couple bosses.

Level 70 content is easy too, for the most part.  I can beat all normal dungeons, and am currently working on the heroics.  They are time consuming, however.

And level 80 PvE content, which I like to call all the group quests, can be knocked out solo at 80 as well, if not earlier than that.

Here is my current collection of Ret Pally solo-able content posts: