Retribution Paladin – Solo Kurinnaxx (AQ20)

Solo Kurinnaxx as a Ret Paladin

Soloing AQ10 as a Retribution Paladin has long been on my to-do list.  I have tried several times with lesser gear, and come up short.  I also wasn’t really modifying my tactics, and put forth some very weak efforts.  Not this time, though.  Kurinnaxx is first on my solo list, and I will cover my strategy here.

The fight is a very simple one, but you do have to be mindful of a couple of Kurinnaxx’s abilities.  The simple strat is to kite him around in a circle, dealing damage as you go.  Never remain in one place.  Even with all of a Ret Paladin’s self-healing abilities, standing in one spot to DPS will result in a very messy death.

The two abilities to watch out for are:

Mortal Wound will stack as the fight progresses, and you can ignore this for the most part.  If you don’t DPS quick enough, however, this can be a problem for survival if you find yourself needing to heal.

Sand Trap is the real killer.  This is why you must kite Kurinnaxx constantly.  When the Sand Trap explodes, your hit is reduced, and you are silenced for 20 seconds.  This silence kills your heals and half of your abilities.  Factor in the hit debuff, and Crusader Strike and Divine Storm start missing as well.  You can bubble out of one of them, but surviving another can be tough.  If you make it through a second, the third is likely to kill you.  Stopping at any point to cast Holy Light makes you very vulnerable to Sand Trap. Use Flash of Light when it procs instant cast.


I found no real need for Seal/Judgement of Light combo.  Kurinnaxx doesn’t hit hard at all, it’s the Sand Traps that make things ugly.  I opted for max DPS.  SoL and JoL will work, don’t get me wrong, but using SoV was much, much faster.  Here are the buffs I used as a Ret Paladin:

  • Seal of Vengeance
  • Judgement of Light
  • Blessing of Kings
  • Retribution Aura


As mentioned above, the strat for soloing Kurinnaxx as a Retribution Paladin is very, very simple.  You will open up with whatever damaging ability you want, and immediately start kiting Kurinnaxx in a very large circle.  The Sand Traps should not be coming close to hitting you.

I waited for 5 stacks of SoV before popping Avenging Wrath, and continued to DPS from that point on.  I think I finished the fight with 94% HP or so.  Seal of Command and Seal of Light can work with this strat, too.


Not only is AQ 20 a fun test of your soloing ability, but it’s good for money making as well.  I personally love soloing ZG for some gold, and AQ20 looks to be some good gold making as well.  While the trash drops in AQ20 are not equivalent to ZG, the boss drops are better.

For Kurinnaxx, I looted the following:

  • 25g coinage
  • 10g for a class spell book
  • 5g for vendored boss gear

Around 40g for a boss kill, which can be done without engaging any trash except that within the immediate vicinity of Kurinnaxx.

Good luck trying this out!


  1. incrusiable says:

    nice i just soloed mags terace heroic last night but it wasnt nearly as hard as what you made it seem only had to use3 bubble once because i was fighting vexallus and didnt really know the stratagy and i also used lay on hands once during final fight cause i never really raided during bc so i wasnt sure how the orbs worked

  2. Khor says:

    Yeah, Incrusiable, it’s not that hard. It’s a cakewalk once you’ve done it once or twice. It can get hairy for 2 reasons however:

    1) Lower gear
    2) Tactics on fights. If you stick to bread and butter soloing techniques, you should be fine, but if you push the box, or try to outsmart the fights, it can be tougher.

    For instance. There are some people out there who claim kiting Vexallus back towards the dungeon entrance is the way to go. That may work for Prot Paladins, but for use it’s a waste of time, or a wipe. Best to just burn the beast down 🙂

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