Retribution Paladin Solo Moroes

Paladin Solo Moroes in KarazhanMoroes is the second boss in Karazhan, and is the sole possessor of the ever-elusive Mongoose Enchant Formula.  As a Ret Paladin, I have downed him twice.  As a Prot Paladin, I just recently down him for the first time.  Not because i couldn’t in the past, just because I hadn’t tried.  I will include both methods in this post:


Moroes always has help from 4 adds; random mobs from a pool of 6 total.  They should be killed first, in this order:

Once the adds are down, you can then focus on Moroes.


Going at this from a pure Ret DPS spec, your main focus is going to be as much up front, burst damage as possible.  The adds need to come down quick and fast.  Turn Evil can get rid of one of them while you focus on the other three.  I have been lucky enough to pull Robin Daris each time I have done this, so he is the lucky candidate for my Fear, as his Mortal Strike can prove…troublesome.

Once the adds are all dead, then I can easily focus on Moroes and the fight becomes much mroe managable.

My buffs were as follows:

Paladin Solo MoroesSacred Shield is vital to this process to help keep those heals maximized, as I was using them quite frequently, especially when I was engaging Moroes and the adds together.  I did have to use Lay on Hands once.  It wasn’t out of necessity, more of a precaution really.

Normal DPS FCFS rotations applied here, though I concentrated more on Divine Storm when the adds were up.  The fight wasn’t a  cake walk, but it wasn’t unmanageable either.  Protection was by far the easier route to take, but it’s still good to know Ret works here as well.


Soloing Moroes as Prot spec was very, very easy.  Didn’t even have to fear one of the adds.  Robin Daris tried to make my work hard, and I believe I got down to around 35% HP before they were all dead.  Nevertheless, once I was on Moroes, he never even got close to cutting me down.

The buffs I used were:

Keeping Holy Shield up with Sacred Shield was helpful, but not vital.  I was healing up enough with my seal and judgement of light, that I had absolutely no HP concerns.  Even with the Garrote DoT Moroes put on me, I was still healing through it.  At times, I would switch to Seal of Vengeance and help boost my damage, and that proved to help speed things up.

I’m not an enchanter on Khor, so I didn’t get the Mongoose drop.  Guess I wouldn’t know if it even did, but the enchant is still very viable, even now.  There is much discussion over the best tanking weapon enchant, and Mongoose still has enough punch to make an arguement as a decent option.

Good luck on getting the enchant if that’s what you’re after.  If not, enjoy the 50g or so you will get from coinage and loot!


  1. Incrusiable - Ysera - Horde says:

    grats ur making me invious because i havent been able to do this raid because i been so busy raiding XD but hopefully i can do it tommarow

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