Ret Paladin Solo Attumen the Huntsman

Ret Pally / Prot Paladin

attumen horseman ret pally prot pallyAttumen the Huntsman is the first boss in Karazhan, the opening raid of Burning Crusade.  Soloing Attumen as a Retribution Paladin proved very difficult for me, leading to many wipes.  Thus, I switched to my off-spec and went Protection.  As a Prot Pally, he was cake.

Why Attumen you ask?  Chances are, if you are on this page, like me, you’re coming in search of the [Fiery Warhorse’s Reins].  It has not dropped for me yet.

The fight is simple.  After clearing the trash (and yes, clear it all, or they will all hit you at once when you attempt the boss), you will engage Attumen’s horse, Midnight, alone.  After a brief period of time, Attumen will join the fight.  Continue DPS on Midnight, and when he is at around 25% HP, Attumen will mount him, then you can begin DPS on Attumen.

Here are the buffs I had:

  • Devotion Aura
  • Started with Seal of Vengeance, and occasionally switched to Seal of Light if my HP was too low.  This may be necessary for lower geared Prot Paladins.  If you are decently geared, then Seal of Vengeance should be fine.
  • Blessing of Sanctuary

Keeping up with your normal tanking rotation is optimal, and the fight lasted about 5 or 6 minutes.  Easy loot.  Was 35g richer from coinage, and about 11g more with the loot.Ret Paladin solo Attumen Loot


  1. incrusiable says:

    hmm my gear is decent i have about a 4500 gearscore in my tank gear do you think this would be good enough to take em down? or should i get ym tanking gear beter

    on another note the dk i told you about in my guild on the other thread can now solo kara in 2 hours…and ive found a video of a dk on youtube that solos northrend heroics…….all i have to say is dks need to get hit with a nerfstick

  2. Khor says:

    I’d be interested to hear how he took down Big Bad Wolf. Oz is solo-able i believe, but I got stomped by BBW.

    Your gear should be fine so long as you have your seal of light up and judge light as well. It’s pretty easy, actually.

  3. incrusiable says:

    well dont u constantly run out of mana as well?
    and if you want i can ask him or if you wanna make a lvl one alt to talk to him a little his name is mikami hes on ysera horde side and our guild is moonside allthough his english is a bit weird he lives in french canada lol bbut if not i can talk to him and see hes acctually getting close to being able to solo mc the only thing he cant do without wiping is rag

  4. incrusiable says:

    well i talked to him and he said he does the same as regular way runs away when he gets targeted

  5. Khor says:

    I did some reading and found that facing BBW helps more than running away…it’s still a hard fight, but allows for more mitigation, parries, etc.

  6. Incrusiable - Ysera - Horde says:

    meh i havent read anything i jsut asked him how he did it and he said the normal way you would in a raid

  7. Xothic says:

    Did my first solo of him last night after getting the Kara key. Strange to see you post this the next day lol.

  8. incrusiable says:

    hmm i went there last night after my raid so that i could do this today and i just wanted to see how gard it is to solo the begining adds but when i got there i noticed u still needed the key for some reason i thought they got rid of that requirement oh wells ill jsut have to go get that one

  9. Killer says:

    One person in your raid still needs the key to Kara to let everyone in. The patch back in the day removed the requirement that everyone had to have the key.

  10. Dante says:

    You actually don’t need the key as long as you can die near the gate and res inside. As for Attumen, this might be old news now, but he can be solod in ret spec. With todays icc and pvp items ofc.

  11. Khor says:

    Hey Dante, thanks for the info. I actually didn’t know it could be solo’d as Ret, but you can bet I will try soon! Thanks for the heads up!

  12. Srbest says:

    Well, I just did him as retribution this week.
    Actually, him, maiden, moroes and all trash in between.
    I was hoping for romeu and juliette or Oz on Opera, but got BBW.
    Could run from him 2 or 3 times, but if I wasn’t fully healed back up soon, he would turn me into red hood again, or fear the hell out of me. :/

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