Ret Paladins BiS List 4.0.1?

I have had countless messages, emails, and comments regarding best in slot (BiS) lists for Patch 4.0 and Patch 4.0.1.  I would absolutely love to get something to you guys, but the programs and spreadsheets we are so dependent on now are being groomed and polished for level 85 content.

Rawr in particular has stated that there will be NO program available for 4.0.1 at level 80, as they are hard at work on Rawr4 for 85. [Source]

I am as dependent on these lists as you guys are, so unfortunately, my own skills are not high enough to give you an adjusted list before that time.

You can try to create a list on your own, but remember, Reforging has thrown everything for a WILD loop.  There may be BiS lists that require reforging of a certain stat to make it a better piece of gear, within a certain gear set-up.  One missing piece of gear from that particular BiS list may throw everything else off.

Very sorry for those of you looking for better lists.  If I find one that is somewhat coherent, I’ll be sure to post it up, but for now I would just focus on getting you hit cap, expertise cap, and haste cap.  After that, start stacking strength via gems, and reforge to crit as needed.  Mastery still has yet to be proven to be higher DPS when reforged, so toy with that at your own peril!

Promise I will keep you guys updated if anything comes up!


  1. Velyel says:
  2. Khor says:

    MaxDPS is a good site to look at on an individual item basis, but BiS lists are unique because each individual piece of gear is directly dependent on the stats of all the other pieces. The entire set will reach hit cap, expertise cap, and deliver the highest DPS output possible.

    The items on our BiS lists may or may not be BiS individually as single pieces for their respective slots. But they are on the BiS list because of how they integrate with all the other gear in the set.

    MaxDPS doesn’t quite take all that into consideration.

  3. Sath says:

    I’ve personally found that reforging mastery is quite the dps boost, as i was majorly over the hit cap with most of the old BiS gear, i reforged most of my hit gear to mastery, because it only lets you do a percentage you still stay above hit cap. I now have TV proccing frequently at about 13% mastery. Not for everyone i suppose but i find it to be quite valuable, especially against bosses like saurfang where i topped the dps charts against similar geared mages/rouges etc. Though not the best ret pally by any means, i’d suggest mastery in a heartbeat. Worst comes to worst, you can always undo the reforge.

  4. Agonus says:

    I’ve also been playing around with Mastery, but only after reaching the hit, expertise and haste caps. I’ve seen many more instances where I pop Zealotry and will use the CS>>TV>>TV combo (sometimes 3 times during one use of Zealotry).

  5. itoshiki says:

    hey khor i do have one question. currently im using 2t9, and 2t10 and was wondering if its worth breaking the t9 and go 4t10 right now. or just keep the 2 bonus and have the 10% damage increase across the board?

  6. Khor says:

    @ Itoshiki – To the best of my knowledge, 4 T10 is still the better option when increase in base stats and 4 piece bonuses are considered.

  7. Sath says:

    Ohh by the way, forgot to mention. Long time reader, first time poster. So just wanna say cheers Khor for the best ret site anywhere on the net. I wouldn’t be where i am without ya and its much appreciated.

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