RCC Raiding – 7/2/09

Summers always seem to dwindle raid numbers as people take breaks to enjoy the time off, or are on vacations. This summer is no exception, and with abotu 15 sign-ups for a 25 man Ulduar, we went ahead with a quick 10-man.

We knocked out FL, with two towers left standing, Razorscale, XT hard mode, skipped Ignis, then took out Kologarn and Auriaya.

I came out with Chestplate of Titanic Fury, my 3rd ret upgrade from Ulduar (10 & 25) total. All in all I’m trading off about 3% crit from my Tunic of Indulgence for around 75 attack power, plus armor penetration. Losing the crit makes me wince, since it’s a whopping 3% from one piece. It drops me from 29.5% crit unbuffed to 26.5%. Ouch. However, the dps is still coming out a little ahead with the new gear, so I am happy.

Our attempts at XT hard mode ultimately led to success, although it took a few wipes. I died several times, once because I was stupid and popped avenging wrath right before I was supposed to divine sacrifice. I popped divine sacrifice, only to find my divine shield was unavailable from me using AW, thus promptly obliterating me with an onslaught of damage. Like I said, stupid.

I wish we could have pushed out a bit more DPS on the fight, but with limited sign-ups, we did the best with what we had.

Everything else was pretty much uneventful, and the plan is to finish out the 10-man tonight if a 25-man cannot be formed. Working today, so as usual, I’ll be waiting for Tuesday’s raid!


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