LFD Tool and DPS

LFD, Dungeon Finder, and DPS

LFD-Dungeon-FinderThe Dungeon Finder, or LFD tool, has been an absolutely wonderful addition to WoW.  Not only is it helping me get into more dungeons, loot more badges, and help speed up certain aspects of the game, but it is letting me experience playing with people from other servers, too.  I am not one of those that are bitter and complaining about the instant port to the dungeon.  In fact, I love the change.

Traveling in WoW is fun, especially the first few times around…but flying to Gundrak every other day from Dalaran, and other areas just isn’t a good justification of time well spent.

However, I have noticed that when queueing in the LFD tool, signing up as DPS usually generates a 3-5 minute average wait time.  Average?  Bah!  More like 7 to 10 minutes at times.

There are far more people wanting to DPS than tank or heal, so taking full advantage of the benefits the dungeon finder is hindered unless selecting tanking or healing roles.

Am I better at DPS than a tank?  Sure.  Especially now that Paladins can wreak unholy havok in 5-mans with Seal of Command spewing huge chunks of damage.  But waiting in the DPS line of the LFD tool is just a little inefficient for my taste.  I want badges, I want to run.  If I am using the LFD tool, then I am looking for that immediate entry.

So, until things balance out, I will be running all the dungeon finder random daily heroics as Prot spec.  I am literally getting 2 or 3 second wait times before I am sucked into a dungeon.  The badges are pouring in, and I am under a constant flow of gear upgrading.

If you are DPS in the LFD tool, expect longer wait times.  You’ll get in, but it might take 5x to 10x longer than if you went heals or tank.


  1. Sion says:

    Nice to see the tool is working well, unfortunately I dont have the internet until after Christmas so i’m feeling left behind a little 🙁

    As soon as I can get online I will most likely spec holy and prot just to blitz the badges – once my holy set is of a good standard I will be concentrating on my DPS. I will spend badges on my Prot spec last.

    Anyone remember the days before dual spec and dungeon finder? lol

  2. Hmm Seal of Command is pretty worthless. I mean the 245 libram we use is not set up for Seal of Command. Yes, you do tend to do better DPS from trash but still Seal of Vengence does pretty good DPS even on trash. What is your prospective should I spec for Seal of Command?

  3. Khor says:

    On the contrary, Seal of Command is extremely useful in dungeons…on trash. I agree that Seal of Vengeance is better for solo targets. In fact, I switch to SoV for dungeon bosses and swap librams to our 245 libram.

    DPS with SoC up is much, much higher than that with SoV active. SoV gets more powerful as it stacks on a target, and no single trash target in a heroic is going to stay alive long enough to maximize the potential of SoV.

    I am switching between SoC and SoV in heroics. SoV for bosses and SoC for everything else.

  4. Sion says:

    I have to agree with Khor on this. It give’s you that immediate chance to hit another mob whereas before we would have to wait until Consecrate in our rotation. Also, as Khor stated SoV has to stack to be useful and trash dies too fast for SoV to release its full potential.

    Back to the original post, I got the opportunity to download the latest patch and have a few hours game time last night. Here’s what I observed:

    -If your a near full group needing a healer or tank wait times are long
    -If your a DPS looking for a group wait times are forever
    -If your healer or Tank, groups are almost instant

  5. Trioxis says:

    I don’t agree that SoC is that much better than SoV for trash. Sure it hits multiple targets but the 245 libram procs a lot, even on trash. This is even more true for the new ICC 5-mans as the trash there takes longer to kill than trash in the other heroics. I feel SoC is best used for leveling or just grinding mobs, but to each his own.

  6. incrusiable says:

    well what you are not getting is that the trash doesnt stay up long enough for vengeance to do anything secondly with command up and mutliple adds i acctually change my rotation i start with concecrate and then use divine storm and then go into my regular rotation because (i dont know if it is a glitch or if it is even true) when i use divine storm it seems to me that the command seal is being procced off of alll those hits as well wich is giving u a total of 12 hits in one button push but like i said before im not sure if it is true or not but it sure does seem that way.

    plus command is extremely good for the onyxia fight because you can pop into soc right when whelps spawn use ur wings / trinkets then concecrate and start attacking things making ur dps amazing

    for me i have a 5.2k gs and when i wings/trinket my concecrate ticks for 1.3k and on top of that im attacking with divine storm and everything else its amazing how much dps i get literaly last night i got over 9000

    nothing compared to the dk in my guild that got 17K!!!!!!!!
    but all in all the soc is a great thing for rets

  7. Trioxis says:

    Well if trash dies that fast it doesn’t really matter which seal you use. I prefer the +200str I get from libram procs over marginally higher seal dps. It’s true that it does have it’s uses in certain fights. I don’t think it matters a whole lot on trash, bosses are the ones you should focus on.

  8. Indeed perfectly said. I’m doing like 6-7k on the trash in ICC 5m Heroic so it prob don’t matter

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