Error Fixed on Talents Page

Hey guys, I want to apologize for an error on my site.  The talents page had our Ret Spec talent tree as 11/5/55 as the optimal set-up.  While this is still true, there was a minor mix-up in my linking.  Many of you coming to me for advice have this build, and I saw the same minor error over and over in many-a-talent tree.  Checking my tree, I found the source was indeed my own information!

The error is as follows:

  • 3 points in Divine Intellect
  • 2 points in Unyielding Faith

The CORRECT build should be:

  • 5 points in Divine Intellect
  • 0 points in Unyielding Faith.

I am very sorry for this error, I know many of you have specced this way based on my information.  It’s not a giant error, but it wasn’t accurate and I apologize 🙁  I have since fixed the link to display the correct Talent Tree build!


  1. Pimpmybubble says:

    Well Khor it is not wrong if u consider that 30% fear and disorient reduction works on some bosses like BQ it is still helpful instead of extra intelect take into consideration extra intellect=Extra spell crit though judgement counts on meele crit table only exorcism and Holy wrath depend on spell crit but 4% extra intelect is barely a 1-2 dps ;<

  2. Arkanii says:

    intellect gud

  3. Pimpmybubble says:

    Just made a typo twice since i am really typing fast i make typos ^^

  4. Incrusiable says:

    its not so much a dps problem before even looking at his spec i took it myself because once you get as geared as i am unless you have a mp5 buff from another pally or some shaman etc. you start to notice how much mana is being lost in your rotation 😛 the extra intelect is always gonna be more dps for the simple fact of you not going oom

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