The Open Ticket Previews Khor for Cata!

Hey guys, some good friends and guildies of mine have a WoW ‘news’ site that’s pretty dang entertaining!  This week at The Open Ticket, they previewed Khor for Cataclysm, highlighting some of my awesome (and not so awesome) attributes!  If you are looking for some good WoW reading, head over and pay them a visit!

New news posts are out every week on Tuesdays, just in time to feed your WoW withdrawal during server maintenance!

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  1. Caldwel says:

    Such a sassy pose. 😉

  2. Jamie says:

    LOL nice stuff!

    Sistrcristyn of the Twisting Nether

  3. Michaelsword says:

    I know you are wearing gloves. But it looks like you have a Mega-man arm cannon. Is that what you are planning to do with your amassed gold? Collaborate with Cataclysm Engineers and Illustrious Blacksmiths to construct a Pyrite Mega Suit to solo Deathwing?

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