Cataclysm Preparations Underway

wow cataclysm logoI have now started Cataclysm preparations.  Let the gold making commence.  Right now, I am starting off slow, but I expect to pick up the pace once we start slowing down in ICC.  I have several goals with the release of a new expansion.

These include:

  • Have all level 80 toons geared to the point of making leveling easier in xpac.
  • Have all main professions maxed out on level 80 toons.
  • Have all secondary professions maxed out on Khor (main toon).
  • Gather enough mats to jump start 10 profession skill levels on each toon.
  • The goal amount of gold for Cataclysm will be 75,000g spread across all toons.
  • Finish many random and trivial achievements on Khor.
  • Determine the fate of my two low level toons (PvP twink Paladin and Feral Druid).

Here are the toons I will 100% for sure be taking into Cataclysm with me:

  • Khor – Level 80 Paladin, Blacksmith/Mining
  • Khoala – Level 80 Mage, Tailoring/Jewelcrafting
  • Khorana – Level 80 Rogue, Alchemy/Herbalism
  • Brittany – Level 80 Paladin, Enchanting/Herbalism

As for my goals, Khorana, the Rogue, is the only toon that is not fully geared yet, though she is about halfway there.  Three or four more pieces of gear and I will be satisfied. That leaves only one true objective, and that will be making about 30k gold or so.  I can do it, and I have already started.

I will be outlining some of these methods at a later date, but for now several are still in the ‘testing’ phase.  Demand for particular items is very high with the Lich King now fight-able, especially gems, flasks, and potions.

Determining the fate of my other two toons is something that will come later, as I am still debating on their usefulness and playability.


  • Level 27 Paladin
  • PvP twink
  • Engineering/Mining
  • Fun to play, love the class
  • Strong PvP class at lower levels
  • Not sure if I really want Engineering maxed as a profession.  Don’t really care about it all that much.
  • Not too fond of Dwarves!  Cosmetic appearance actually plays a part in me enjoying playing a toon.  Strange, I know.
  • Would much rather my 3rd max level Paladin be the one I would make in Cataclysm.


  • Level 21 Druid
  • Inscription/Herbalism
  • Trying the other pure hybrid class…tank, dps, and heals.
  • Poor DPS in levels 1-19
  • Slow leveling and lots of running around in starting zones.  Very discouraging. Almost made me delete.
  • Cat form much improved DPS.
  • Very strong heals, high HP in low level BGs.  Poor DPS.
  • Hate the look of tree form (again with the cosmetics).
  • Inscription very possibly a good money maker with very specific strategies.
  • Looking at a long, slow leveling process.
  • Still determining if I like the class.  Had a level 60 Druid in vanilla WoW, mainly was a healer.  Cat form is encouraging, so far the saving grace for me.

Skill Preparations

  • Have enough fish to make 20 fish feasts
  • Have enough Frostweave Cloth to make as many bandages as needed
  • All main professions on max level toons are maxed out.  Check.
  • Probably will not have enough mats for Blacksmithing to jump 10 levels upon Cataclysm launch.  Mats better used for making gold.
  • Have a good supply of lures and water walking potions for fishing.
  • Will be researching Archaeology diligently as information is released.

The Rest

As ICC slows down, so will revenue streams, which means a lot of soloing and grinding.  I am saving these until we get nearer to Cataclysm launch.

I will be updating this site vigorously with as much Paladin information as I can, so keep checking back with me!

If you have any tips on Cataclysm preparations, feel free to comment below!


  1. Sion, Laughing Skull EU says:

    To be honest I have taken quite a different approach to you on this one. I’m actually holding back from levelling other characters (except maybe the death knight) because I feel it will probably be in vein when Cataclysm is released.

    Ribbed (80) Shadow Priest
    Pandorum (80) Paladin
    Sassy (70) Rogue
    Hyjin (70) Elem Shammy
    Steelskin(62) DeathKnight

    I’m seriously considering levelling my DeathKnight, and I will do it via tanking dungeons so that I can get fast groups 70-80 and should hopefully accumulate a good number of triumph badges via random dungeon.

    One other thing I would really like to do is level a Goblin, of the classes they can be it may be a Warrior or a Warlock, not quite decided yet.

  2. Blakevill says:

    When you said you won’t have enough mats to jump 10 levels, did you mean that for your 80s? On Cataclysm, they’re only adding 5 levels to the leveling cap.

  3. Khor says:

    Hey Blake, I meant 10 profession levels. Sorry for the confusion.

  4. RetPala says:

    what are your plans regarding the new races ? new class/race combos.

  5. Khor says:

    I will definitely be making a Tauren Paladin, but probably after I make another Human Paladin. My preference lies in the ALliance, so ofcourse they will go first. 🙂

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