The Open Ticket

the open ticketRedridge County College professors and alumni bring you a weekly entertainment venue focused on what goes on behind the scenes in the WoW universe.  Headed up by the current Dean, Stevens, retired Dean and alumni Caldwel, and student Seldan, enjoy the best ‘fake’ news site Azeroth has to offer!

The Open Ticket will bring you weekly articles that are guaranteed to make you laugh.  Currently, I am still wondering who has it tougher, Sulfuron or Professor Putricide?

These guildies of mine have done our front page news on our guild website, which has received much praise from the Shadowsong comunity over our 5 year history.

SO, that’s TheOpenTicket.NET!  Don’t forget the .NET part guys!

Next week, I hear, will be something everyone will be talking about! I encourage you to head on over, and enjoy!

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