Site Changes

Obviously I have started the migration to my new theme.  I am about 50% done, and now I have to polish everything up.  There’s a ton more to be completed, and I really am going to have to clean up many of my informational pages now that the formatting is different.

Hopefully I will have this whole project completed by the end of the weekend.


  1. Shogan says:

    Looks rather sharp, definitely noticed a difference when I checking this morning.

    My only question/observation is… you seem to have left out the link to the forum page. Has this moved and I am just blinded by the new format or have you not added it yet?

  2. tk says:

    Can’t blame you for getting a format that allows for more ads, I’m sure the new server isn’t cheap. I’m especially enjoying all the auto-generated ads for Ladies Paladin Shoes, whatever they are.

    Congrats on becoming THE site for Retribution. At this point, its not even close. Great work.

    Now, can you please explain why I would ever trade in my iL318 Tank Commander Trinket for the so called Epic Impatience of Youth?

    (you don’t really have to answer that…)

  3. Khor says:

    Yeah those shoes ads are pretty annoying, eh? i am still playing around with some stuff, and part of the idea for this theme was to get rid of some “ad blindness” that most of us have. So while there are the same amount of ads as there were before, they just might be more visible.

    That said, I hope I continue to put out good enough content that it won’t drive people away 🙂

  4. Regan says:

    Site looks great. And I have no problems with seeing advertising. That goes hand-in-hand with the Net.

    Hey, if anyone out there has a sec, I was just wondering, as a fairly new to WoW player, I have only been playing for a year. What would a top geared out Ret Paladin have looked like at level 60 in Classic WoW, Hit Points, the DPS you would have done. And a Paladin at level 70 from TBC expansion, what would he look like? Of course understanding spells, etc have changed the game now. But back then, what was King?
    Seen what the tricked out 80 looked like, and learning what 85 might be. But it would be fun to look back.
    Great site. Thanks again for all your hard work, and helping us to play better.

  5. Mod says:


    You can buy the level 60 gear from the legacy vendor in Stormwind, it’s gold and shaped like eagles, pretty cool. You can buy the full set plus weapon for around 1,000 honor points.

    The 70 vendor disappeared after the cataclysm, but is supposed to return in an upcoming patch.

  6. Straiter says:

    How about and update on PvP??

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