1. Sion says:

    A few months back I finished university and found myself playing WoW a lot. I had no more studying to do, no real responsibilities and too much time on my hand.

    The last char I levelled to 80 was the paladin, I hated the way seals and judgments used to work and as a result he never got past level 50. It was only when I had literally no more chars to level to 80 I started playing him. He instantly became my favourite char. Once i hit 80 i started building my tanking set then finally my healing set.

    Just as you mentioned, when you have several alts you feel obligated to gear them and make them all rank#1 on wow heroes! As a result I was spending way too much time online so I decided to give my account to a friend…. it was the best thing I ever done!

    I decided it was best to give the game a rest and see if i still felt the same way in a few months time. I’m now playing WoW again but this time with a single char…my pally 🙂 I’m getting far more enjoyment out of the game and its less of a chore to gear 1 char instead of 10.

  2. sashi says:

    stava li da mi dadesh hunterata

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