FYI on Commenting on This Blog

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on what the intention for commenting is on this blog.  My goal is to make a genuine, helpful site for Retribution Paladins, Paladins in general, and any other player/class that finds their way here.  Too often we see negativity, flames, and trolling in many-a-WoW foums, and that is something I am striving to get away from.

This is a blog, so there is no membership required to comment.  All you have to do is enter an email.  This is not so as to bombard you with spam, in fact, I have no current intention of doing anything with emails provided.  The information is not shared with anyone or any other outside party.

Entering an email is purely a small wall put in place to prevent spam.  Blogs are the perfect place for spammers to build links, in order to try and build search engine optimization.  This month alone, this blog has filtered over 800 spam comments.

To comment, you have two options:

  1. Leave a genuine email, and if you and I ever want to email personally, I can find you this way.
  2. Leave a fake email, so that you can keep your personal email private, but can still comment.  It does not matter to me.

As a fair warning, if I see any cursing, criticizing of other players/comments in a distasteful manner, chances are a banhammer will be swung on your IP.  Remember there are millions of children playing this game as well.  Many find their way to sites just like this, and as a parent myself, I do not wish to foster a negative environment.

So please keep those comments constructive and well-mannered!


  1. Vanimaer says:

    Hey I’m loving your site so far. I am not new too paladins and have had one since vanilla. Recently I have been leveling a shadow priest and found a awesome guide for it on wowhead in it he lists a series of gear lists for different levels on the progression to ICC. This one is farmed heroics gear that breaks 5k DPS. I am wondering if there is a list similar to this for ret pallies. Because honestly I think I am doing something wrong for all the gear I have managed to obtain I am pulling 3k dps and that just isn’t cutting it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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