Class Q & A Series – Paladin

Class Q & A Series – Paladin – Source Community Team: In this segment, we will be talking with Greg Street about the paladin class and discussing where this class started and where we feel they are going, as well as covering an assortment of topics relating to itemization, buffs, abilities, and other cool stuff. […]

RCC – 7/7/09

Finally, a 25-man again! And a good one at that! DPS was rocking, which I could tell because I was bumped way down from 5th place DPS to somewhere around 7th or 8th. Strong players in this raid. Since we have basically a 3-hour raid time frame (7pm-10pm my time), we cleared FL x2, Ignis, […]

Argent Charger – Paladins Only!

Here is the new Charger mount for Paladins, the Argent Charger! Will you spend 100 Champion’s Seals for this mount? I probably will, though I might be checking out some of the other rewards as well. Have about 250 seals to spend at the moment, so it’s looking like I’ll snatch this up pretty quickly!

World of Warcraft and GaiKai – WoW in Your Browser?

If this comes through, I know I would be excited. Can you imagine the thousands of people hooked into WoW via their browsers at work? Productivity would hit an all-time low! In all seriousness though, this would open up better game experiences for many of those with system limitations. Curious to see how it all […]

RCC Raiding – 7/2/09

Summers always seem to dwindle raid numbers as people take breaks to enjoy the time off, or are on vacations. This summer is no exception, and with abotu 15 sign-ups for a 25 man Ulduar, we went ahead with a quick 10-man. We knocked out FL, with two towers left standing, Razorscale, XT hard mode, […]

WoW Next Expansion

With Blizzcon looming, forums all over the place are speculating the announcement of the next World of Warcraft Expansion. Personally, I love this time of year, as I eagerly await new content. As soon as the expansion is announced, I will begin my preparations for its release. Now, obviously rumors are abound that the next […]

Exorcism Changes – My Take

Posted this in the WoW suggestions forum: I am sure I’ll get flamed, but here’s the actual post: The logic behind giving Exorcism a cast time is there, or at least on the surface. I agree it needs to be included in PvP, with some sort of ‘penalty’, or else the up front burst damage […]

Reasons to Paladin #2

AoE Leveling / GrindingIf your looking for a good class to AoE level with, the Paladin is my hands down choice. I realize Mages are good, and Warlocks are great at higher levels, but what the Paladin brings with high AoE effectiveness is survivabilty as well as very little down time. From the get-go, a […]

Reasons to Paladin #1

Crusader AuraIncreases mounted speed by 20%. I don’t know about you, but an increase to mounted speed by 20%, which is what I am traveling by 75% in-game, is huge. I’m not sure people realize how much of a time-saver this really is. At level 63, we can purchase this, and with larger areas to […]

RCC Raiding – 6/25/09

Council, Kologarn, Auriaya, and Hodir all went down. Lack of time prevented us from moving on further, though we did throw a couple unsuccessful 23-man attempts at Thorim. This time around, yours truly got one piece of gear…a healing helm. That puts my 25-man totals to 2 pieces of ret gear, and 5 pieces of […]