Ret Paladin PTR 4.0.1 – Build 13033

A small list of changes, but some that might make you feel a bit more optimistic!  Damage upgrades for Crusader Strike and Art of War.  Blizz seems to be in fine-tune mode, so I think our griping days are behind us.  Remember everyone, playing Ret will be a brand new game, so keep an open mind as we head into Cataclysm!

As usualy, I dug my info up from MMO Champion. Here are the specific Ret Paladin changes:


  • Crusader Strike now causes 120% weapon damage, up from 100%.
  • Selfless Healer now increases the effectiveness of Word of Glory’s heal by 25/50% when used on others.
  • The Art of War now causes 100% additional damage, up from 30%.

The Crusader Strike boost is a big change, particularly because of how often we will be using Crusader Strike in our rotations.  Art of War comes right behind it, with a 70% damage boost to Exorcism.  Seeing that those two attacks will be prominent in Cataclysm, the apparent lack of solid DPS numbers may significantly improve with these buffs.


  1. Typhron says:

    It seems like Crusader Strike got another buff on the PTR and is doing 156% weapon damage.

    Sanctity of Battle was also reduced to one rank (with the full effect of 2).

  2. slartie says:

    This just in from MMO Champ

    Crusader Strike now costs 10% of base mana, up from 5% of base mana.
    Templar’s Verdict now deals 90% Weapon Damage when used with 2 Holy Power, down from 110%.

  3. Lukey says:

    @slartie Crusader strike costing another 5% is like 50 mana more for level 80s which is nothing anyway. TV is fine, you dont really see rogues or ferals going in with onl 2-3 combo points, and if they are emphasising that we go for 3 hp TV then maybe a small buff on that hp generating talent might be incoming 😀 (atleast i hope so)

  4. Joe says:

    Wonder how that will work with the glyphs we have ohhhh baby!!!!!!! 125 Weapon damage!!!!! IM STOKED!!

  5. drakenmak says:

    No one getting over 9k on a training dummy in a melee class, and paladins worst of all. im struggling to push 7.5k, yet im seeing casters holding 11k plus. My mate is doing 14.5k on a dummy as a boomy. We have to scale with our gear better in cata, its the only thing I can think of for such woeful dps with this new system. *prays*

  6. Angellus says:

    After playing on the PTR for a week and several days with 4.0.1 I can safely say my DPS HAS Dropped. I like that paladins got an overhaul but the damage output is very low. DOUBLE IT BLIZZ !!!! COME ON!!! I am pulling about 1/2 the DPS I use to some times less. I wish they set the damage to be equal to what I am used to doing on both trash and single target. I feel like I used to wield a bazooka now I have been given a BB gun. 🙁

    drakenmak, I see the same thing. Casters are doing way more dps/damage done, even ones with 500 points less gear score than my pally 🙁

    On the plus side … I know which of my 10 toons I will delete so I can make room for a Worgen or Goblin!

  7. Uska says:

    Gotta say that after 1-2 hard hours i found a pretty useful “rotation”.

    CS spam with a fillter ability(HW or judj) between CS gives u stable HP generation, put not too much in mastery, its crap for now, better cap all rating and go for crit/haste as they make TV crit(thats a must to make ur dps markable even for caster’s eye) and ur Art of war procs faster (ye, dont forget 200%!! of exorsism dmg bonus!).

    Also, the point is: on dummy caster’s got more crit then melees plus their talents buff only their spell damage(brute force ^^). Look at nice talent called Eye for an eye. AHA! good chance that 30% of magic done to u goes to attacker. That sounds like a good dps buff, imagine it critting(maybe). Plus the 30% icc buff, u will easily get ur 11-12k (or even more) in icc with 6k gs.

    It took me a while but these prios and talents made me do as much dmg as i did before 4.0.1 I won’t lie to you, casters pwn for now.

    Btw, cheer up, retardins, blizz promised to buff us and nerf casters so i think the end of cata will be like always….retardins r OP xD

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