Molten Core and Blackwing Lair

paladin-ragnaros-molten-coreSeveral nights ago, four of my guildmates and I decided to venture into Molten Core for some Hydroxian Waterlord reputation.  After blasting through MC, we decided to try our luck at Blackwing Lair.  Back in vanilla WoW, 5-manning those 40-man raids seemed like a dream, but now, it’s a cake walk.  In fact, much of MC, and certain BWL bosses are soloable.

Molten Core was refreshing, believe it or not, because the pace was so fast.  Remember back in the day when it took 2 to 4 hours to clear the place?  Loot the dog!  Fire Resist gear guys!  If you’re the bomb, run out!  We burned these guys down so fast, that nothing factored into the fights.

I believe we came away with 2 or 3 BoE epics, several Cores, and I even got to take an Eye of Sulfuras to the bank.  No bindings dropped from Garr or Geddon.  Got the T2 pants from Ragnaros, but no other Paladin loot dropped.

Blackwing Lair was equally easy.  The first boss requires mind control, and the adds were a j0ke.  The only part that caught us off guard was the damage dealt by the gobling packs.  No deaths, but it certainly took us aback.  Chromaggus did wipe us once, but that’s because we all forgot the mechanics of the fight.  After realizing we needed to cleanse the debuffs, we took Chrom down fast.  Nefarian was a joke.  The adds were dropped with a single hit or two.  Again, no Paladin loot for nostalgic purposes.

If you have a chance to run through these old world dungeons, give them ago.  It’s nice to re-do, or in some cases, experience for the first time, new content.  There is not much challenge to it when bringing along others, just swing hard, hit hard, and DPS.paladin-blackwing-lair-BWL


  1. Sion, Laughing Skull EU says:

    I joined WoW in the days of TBC so I never had a chance to try any of the vanilla content. I want to try and do some of this older stuff before Cataclysm comes out because you just dont know what may happen to it. As with Onyxia they may very well bring it back to life.

  2. Rackarn says:

    I went to bwl just for kicks yesterday and we got to chromagus easily. Setup was: paladin, rogue, priest and mage. We got stuck at chromagus tho (only did 1 attemp tho since we were all very very tired) but we got too many debuffs stacking up. Eventhough i tried keeping poison & disease off me myself, and the occasional green afflication with sand – we just got overwhelmed by the amount of dispells needed. Not sure if 1 priest was enough to handle it. Mass dispell, or single ones should be spammed? the priest might have been focused on healing me a bit tho, not sure, which isnt needed. Guess i’ll give it again later, or we just need 1 more dispeller.

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