First Look at New Ret DPS Rotation

You guys are looking for our new DPS rotation?  Well, here it is…FCFS.  Prioritized FCFS.  Again?  It appears that way.  I’ve been wrong before, and I could be wrong here…but waiting for abilities to come off cooldown, and choosing the best available attack feels eerily similar to what I was doing prior to Patch 4.0.1.

Here is the FCFS rotation I have so far:

  • TV (3HP) > CS > Ex > Judge > HoW > HW > Cons

Exorcism hits harder than Judgement when procced, so that only gets used at that time, but still takes priority over a very lackluster Judgement.

Templar’s Verdict will alwasy only be used at three Holy Power, and Crusader Strike is going to be 2nd on the priority list so long as it remains our main attack and primary Holy Power source.

Remember guys, this isn’t set in stone.  This could change.  I am still crunching DPS numbers, but this seems to be our best DPS resolution at the current time.

Any input and numbers are always welcome!


AoE Rotation

  • DS > CS > HW > Cons > Ex > Judge > HoW

AoE rotations simply use Divine Storm instead of Templar’s Verdict.  Holy Wrath and Consecrate jump ahead of the single target attacks, which otherwise stay in the same order.

Zealotry Rotation

  • CS > TV or CS > TV > TV (with HoL proc)

Zealotry allows for one application of Crusader Strike to generate three Holy Power.  In these instances, you just stick with Crusader Strike and Templar’s Verdict.  If Hand of Light procs, then you could essentially have back to back Templar’s Verdicts, creating the CS-TV-TV combo.

Zealotry and Avenging Wrath used in tandem is optimal.


  1. Boshi says:

    Thanks bro!

  2. Rewop says:

    I haven’t jumped on yet. Just downloaded the new patch. As far as DPS goes, how are we looking with the new FCFS rotations?

  3. Rewop says:

    Disregard last post. Just read your other post “patch the day after”. Thanks for the info once again Khor, hopefully we will one day be dps kings again. 🙁

  4. Valovan says:

    Thanks,I think you’re completely right about their being a rotation on a fcfs basis but the programmers of the next “fcfs helper” addon are going to have some headaches.

    1. You’ll have a “normal rotation” where nothing but holy power and cooldowns are involved.
    2. You’ll have a different rotation when avenging wrath is activated that will involve lots of HoW and TV(3hp).
    3. There will be another rotation for when zealotry is activated just like you said.
    4. There will be a 4th rotation when zealotry and avenging wrath are activated at the same time which will basically just be nuke, nuke, nuke, charge, nuke.. and so on.

    The said addon will probably NOT be able to tell players how to handle big mob fights and that rotation they will just have to learn for themselves.

  5. Gilford says:

    I kind in a dilema Khorn.
    Isn’t “Judge” better used at first, to make use of “Long Arm of the Law” and “Judgements of the Pure” effect ?

  6. Khor says:

    Actually, as you are closing in, yes…I used this as I was closing in on mobs. I guess you can view the rotation as prioritized once you are stationary and within range of all attacks.

  7. Darnballs says:

    From what I have gathered DS is for trash pulls and tv is more for bosses. . .additionally. . .ds is worthless without it being at three holy power. . . correct me if i am wrong please. I think it is a huge injustice to our t10 gear 2 set bonus and ds to be used with holy power. I like your rotations but dont you have to us cs before anything. . .so it should be cs conc cs judge cs (tc) (ds). . . and exorcism whenever it procs. . .thats a normal rotation?

  8. Khor says:

    @ Darn – With FCFS, you would use CS every time it was off cooldown as 2nd priority behind TV. So, eventually it would look something like CS > filler > filler > CS > TV > filler > CS > filler etc. The hard part to predict is the holy power generation from the filler attacks, so it creally can’t be anything constant.

  9. Alex C. says:

    Khor on trash pulls do you SoR because its the “new” SoC or do you keep SoT all the time. I personally think that SoR is pretty useless, correct me if I’m wrong.

  10. Neocaine says:

    A little confused here, first you state that:

    “Hammer of Wrath will always jump up when used with Avenging Wrath, since the restrictions are removed via talents. ”

    But later you say:

    “Zealotry and Avenging Wrath used in tandem is optimal.”

    That, coupled with the fact that during zealotry you will only be hitting CS and TV, where do you fit HoW into that?

    As I see it, it’s fairly pointless for AW to lift the restriction off HoW since like I say, you’ll rarely be in a position where it’s not just more beneficial to do CS > TV or CS > TV > TV depending on HoL procs.

  11. Khor says:

    Neocaine, that is a ridiculously excellent point. I noticed that in my 5-mans tonight. Going to be making changes soon 🙂

  12. Xayos says:

    HoW has been criting for an insane amount and rarely doesn’t crit in my rotation I have prioritized it right after crusader stike. So far the only thing I have had hit harder is TV of corse. Whats your opinion?

  13. Darthal says:

    I had a hard time finding a viable use for consecration. In heroics, trash and bosses both died before the damage rose above negation. It’s a shame this spell has so small use on account of it’s 30 sec cd.I’m interested to see how it all works out when i set up my tanking.

  14. Metin says:

    It feels like our AOE abilities have gotten weaker without pre-patch Divine Storm. Is it even worth using Seal of Righteousness on multiple elite mobs or just stick with Seal of Truth full time?
    If using Divine Storm for AOE, should it only be used when Holy Power reaches 3?

  15. Darkest says:

    Thanks. Really help’d me.

  16. Tomhupal says:

    I ran Noth the plagugebringer as the weekly and got 3950dps. My best ever. I started with the Zealotry rotation then when it was on Cooldown I hit Avengers Wrath and spammed HoW. After that back to the standard rotation, CS-filler-CS-filler-CS-TV. Oh and Exocism whenever it proc’d.
    Great site Khor, I am learning heaps from it.

  17. Dazarik says:

    something I noticed. that will kill dps. is if you dont have 4 piece t-10 and other frost vendor items….. cuz i am missing one piece. and three pieces from the vendor. and i only pull like 5-6 k dps with AV-Zealotry procced.

    So gear matters for that.

    (been gearing for prot.)

  18. Polirmon says:

    Aye, I just came back from some pretty long break and I’m wondering how my dps should look like. Is 7.1k dps on a doll (self buffs only) for a pala with BiS (non-heroic no-shadowmourne) gear is ok?
    How much dps should I deal (also if mine is higher than avg with my gear)?
    Thx for the help;]

  19. Paladin#1 says:

    I think Exorcism when proc’d should top proirity. It deals more damage than CS and according to my recount more than TV. Look into this please >.<

  20. palygirl says:

    when is the best time to use inquisition ?

  21. Dps Rotation says:

    any recommendation on how to use templars verdict in the rotation

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