Best Level 19 PvP Class

level-19-pvp-twinkWhat’s the best level 19 PvP class in World of Warcraft?  Based on much PvP twinkage, I think I have a pretty solid list compiled.  First, we are going to separate the lists into 2 different categories: DPS and Healing.

My most recent project was to level another Paladin up to level 39 through battlegrounds.  The 10-19 bracket is probably the most fun for me, because everyone is playing with very basic talents and abilities.  Teamwork is essential, and the playing field is more or less even…so long as you work as a team.

For the DPS category, I am basing my list on 2 things: damage output and survivability.   You might be surprised at my list.   I also am assuming good, solid PvP gear

Top Level 19 PvP DPS

  1. Paladin
  2. Hunter
  3. Rogue
  4. Warlock
  5. Warrior
  6. Shaman
  7. Druid
  8. Mage
  9. Priest


Survivability: 10
Damage Output: 8

The Paladin (as Ret) is a PvP beast in the level 19 bracket. Damage-wise, with Crusader enchant procced, and with high critical hits, Paladins can chew through just about any other class. Paladins also have several means of escape, including a couple forms of shields and protection.  Combine that with Lay on Hands,which heals for 100% of HP, and you have a very nasty class to take down.  Pile on the +stamina gear, and youwill dominate the level 19 PvP battlegrounds.


Survivability: 9
Damage Output: 9

By the math, Hunters score the same as Paladins on my charts, but they get 2nd place because in 1 on  1 scenarios, with optimal twink gear and skill, a Paladin will probably win. The best weapon a Hunter has is the ability to stay at range, and a Paladin in this bracket can trinket or Hand of Freedom out of movement slowing Hunter abilities and close the gap.  If a Paladin gets close, then the Hunter may have a very hard time getting away.

Still, a Hunter is probably the most feared class in this bracket due to their ability to burn down enemies before they even come close to reaching them.  They are also opportunistic killers, searching for easy prey to pick apart that are already engaged in combat.

A Hunter that can kite can win his team games, especially by eliminating the other team’s best players and keeping them off the battle field.


Survivability: 7
Damage Output: 9

The potential damage output for Rogues in this bracket is huge, especially if wielding daggers.  The one weakness dagger wielding Rogues have however, is they are primarily effective while damaging from behind.  Strong players with other classes will try to keep dagger Rogues in front of them at all times.

Survivability is decent, with Vanish as a reliable means of escape, but placing a DoT on a Rogue can negate that very quickly.  Unless a Rogue has stacked Stamina, they can easily be burned down.  A Rogue’s success is based on burst damage, with his or her living or dying dependant upon how quickly they can take down their targets.


Survivability: 6
Damage Output: 8

Warlocks can either be great or awful in the level 19 PvP bracket.  The great ones usually have lots of HP and spell power combined, and will DoT up everything in sight, adding Fear and Shadowbolt to the mix.  DoTs can really eat away at even a strong twinks health, and when used in combo with Fear, a good Warlock can be very difficult to take down.

Survivability is based on having Fear, and usually not being high on a priority kill list when in packs.  Warlocks fight from a distance, working as Hunters do to jump onto targets already engaged in combat.


Survivability: 7
Damage Output: 7

I really wanted to put Warriors up higher, but I just have not seen very many dominant Warriors over the other 4 classes.  Rogues, Hunters, Paladins, and Warlocks seem to be able to handle them 1 on 1 with ease.   Using 2H weapons, they have the ability to pack a big punch, similar to Paladins.  But without extra damage from Seal of Righteousness and a ranged Judgement, they take a back seat.

Survivability is high, wearing mail armor and having the capability of stacking lots of stamina.  Unfortunately, that’s about all that is at this level, and means of escape are few and far between.  Warrior must rely on outlasting their opponents, hoping their DPS can make up the difference.


Survivability: 8
Damage Output: 6

Shaman are a very strong PvP class.  Mayeb the most well rounded class at this level, if you include healing.  Damage output is mediocre, and isn’t going to beat those listed above, but as a support DPS in groups and packs of friendlies, they can be very  dangerous.

Shaman have high survivability in this PvP bracket due to their travel form and totems.  Having the ability to heal when at a safe distance also helps as well.  However, a solid DPS, especially Paladin, Rogue, or Hunter can make short work of a Shaman if they are able to get within range.

Shaman are optimal flag carrier choices for Warsong Gulch in the level 19 PvP bracket.  Along with Druids, they can shift into travel from and very quickly scoot across the battlefield to cap flags.  They also are ideal flag chasers for the same reason.  Using travel form and then totems to slow an opposing flag carrier is a great ability when waiting for other reinforcements.

Shaman at level 18 and 19 are very strong, and have the biggest jump in PvP abilities from 17 and below.  Shaman fight and survive well in groups, so beware.


Survivability: 10
Damage Output: 3

The Druid is a literal tank in bear form, and a very strong runner in flag capturing scenarios.  With the ability to stack loads of Stamina, a Druid in bear form is the hardest class to take down, save for maybe the Paladin.

Unfortunately, a Druid is probably the worst DPS option in the level 19 PvP bracket.  Cat form doesn’t come until 20, so DPS must be done by casting spells (medium damage), bear form (weak damage), or melee (might as well be wielding a toothpick damage).  Don’t get me wrong, a Druid CAN do damage, it’s just not comparable to other classes at this level.  If you want to be a damage dealer in this bracket, gear for spell power and cast to your heart’s content.  Otherwise, you are looked at as a flag carrier or healer.


Survivability: 5
Damage Output: 6

Mages do not get their stronger PvP abilities until later levels, so they come off relatively weak looking in the 19 bracket.  Their survivability and damage output is medium at best, though twinked out Mages fare better than others.  Blink is a great ability, but doesn’t come until level 20.

Stack spell power and stamina here, and try not to get into 1 on 1 battles.  Support DPS is the way to go for a Mage in these brackets.  Mages also make good flag romo defenders, because of their abilities to slow enemies down.


Survivability: 7
Damage Output: 4

Last but not least, we have the Priest.  Survivability is enhanced by a shield, which helps the other-wise squishiest level 19 PvP classs.  Damage output is weak, although DoTs do give them the very slight edge over Druids in that category.

Psychic Scream gives Priests a Fear option, which can be used for escape purposes, or to clear melee off flag carriers.

If focusing on damage as a Priest, avoid 1 on 1 fights, and stick to support DPS, staying away from melee as much as possible.  Beware Hunters.

Top Level 19 PvP Healing Class

  1. Druid
  2. Priest
  3. Shaman
  4. Paladin

Healing classes in this PvP bracket are based upon survivability and healing ability.  The no-brainer idea that Priests are tops here is something I actually will contradict.


Survivability: 10
Healing Ability: 9

Druids top the healing class list primarily because of their high survivability.  Their heals also scale very, very well at this level.  With two heal over time (HoT) heals, and a fairly strong single heal, Druid healers are a force to be reckoned with and should taken down as quickly as possible.

Beware, a Druid healer can easily switch to bear form if damge start pouring in, or hit travel form for a quick means of escape.


Survivability: 7
Healing Ability: 10

Priests still have the strongest heals, but their survivablity drops them a step below Druids.  Priests also tend to fare very well at lower levels, even level 10 when accompanying other classes for heals.

Priests beware, as a WoW universally recognized healing class, you are usually top on the kill priority list.


Survivability: 8
Healing Ability: 8

Shaman healers have good heals, with decent means of escape.  The reason I rank them higher than Paladins is because their heals tend to pack a bit more punch, and they have travel form, which allows for fast movement to area of need on the battelground.


Survivability: 10
Healing Ability: 6

Paladin healers, much like DPS paladins in the level 19 PvP bracket, are tough to take down.  Their heals, however, are  not quite as efficient as the other 3 healing classes.  Without a HoT, they primarily rely on Holy Light.  While this is great for single target heals, healing large groups can get a bit hectic and tedious.

Level 19 Warsong Gulch Flag Carrier Ability

  1. Druid
  2. Paladin
  3. Shaman
  4. Warrior
  5. Rogue
  6. Hunter
  7. Priest
  8. Warlock
  9. Mage

To sum everything up, I end with flag carrier skill.  This assumes top gear, HP, and skill.  Druids come in first, obviously, because of travel form, high HP, and bear form for surviving attacks.  Paladins beat out Shaman because of the high potential HP (at 1500 or more) , mail armor for more mitigation, and various escape and shield mechanisms.  Shaman round out the top 3, with travel form and totems helping ease their escape.


  1. Sion, Laughing Skull EU says:

    I think another thing to consider are racial bonuses. I’m not so familiar with the Ally stuff but there are a few nifty pvp tricks on Horde side. The undead remove charm effect and belf arcane torrent are 2 worth mentioning.

  2. incrusiable says:

    grr i would have to disagree a bit on this one khore i was going through pvp only for lvling my mage and all throughout 10-19 my mage was beasting through everyone true you dont last very long at 10 but all your abilities to slow people that are mele and the fact if you spec correctly into frost you can freeze people in place make them very very good at pvp in this bracket although maybe not the best but at 17 i was running flag all three times and only getting killed maybe 3 times a match plus with specing into frost and being a troll you can get your frost cast time down to about 1.2 seconds so you cna hammer through any mele before they get to you 😀

  3. Popsicle says:

    What class are most requested this days ? For raids and heroics that is? Im thinken about making an alt. But not sure which kind lol

  4. Khor says:

    Hey Popsicle – I would say the most requested classes are:

    1. Shaman Healers – Exceptional group heals + Heroism
    2. Druid Healers – Ridiculously exceptional heals. Roll those HoTs!

    1. See above
    2. Ranged DPS – Primarily Warlocks and Mages, occassionally Shadow Priests. Hunters are a plenty.

    1. Prot Paladins – For their AoE tanking, making heroics very, very fast.
    2. Any Tanks or Heals in general.

    Melee DPs is usually the least requested, though Rogues are heavy melee DPS. Druids and Paladins might have a slight edge over others due to their tri-utility.

  5. Olly says:

    Here is my two cents,
    Rogues are the best 1vs1. They have the ability to pick and choose there targets and have many ways of keeping the victims preoccupied(stuns).

    Pallys are great all-around for pvp but when I play on my pally I always play middle. I can handle more then one target at a time, I can heal myself and others, and I put out good damage.

    Hunters are great supports. They do great damage from afar and have a pet to assist them. Deffinetly good to have around.

    Druids, at level 16 with travel form, are essentially unstoppable. With high stamina and common sense, druid will cap two if not all three of the flags.

    There is no best class for pvp. The ones above are my favorite but any class can be amazing. If you play smart and analyze the situation, you can go far,
    Be easy

  6. PvPShaman says:

    I was wondering what would be a good PvP shaman? I have a resto shaman and he heals in the BG’s, but i was wondering if elemental or enhancement would be good for being by yourself in 19 BG’s and doing good DPS.

  7. Revvy says:

    Twinked a priest speced only in the shadow tree, stacked spell power through as much gear as i could, enchanted my staff of jordan with the 29+ SP enchant and then enchanted my bracers with healing power as well as my gloves. costs were high, but totally worth it. my shadow word pain and mind blast combo was the deadliest thing in the bracket. didn’t have any troubles with any classes.

  8. Wtfhealme says:

    They say a druid has 3 potential roles in a group
    1)Healing with healing touch
    2)Healing with Rejuvination
    3)Healing with Regrowth

    ‘Dont argue with an idiot, he will bring you down to his own level and beat you with experiance’

  9. lvl44retpally says:

    yo, im lvl 44 ret pally and im wondering should i bg or dungee for quikest lvling?

  10. Khor says:

    Quickest leveling is actually still questing. Dungeons would be 2nd, and PvP 3rd. PvP is third because unless you are winning ever 2/3 battles, it’s a pretty slow grind.

  11. Twinkle toes says:

    I currently have a 19 twink hunter, and a 19 twink rogue, my hunter dominates the games and i literally take out every other class eaisly, another thing is the pet you choice to keep, e.g. cats are great DPS, however using a spider gives you the ability to ”web” for 3 seconds, using this in PvP is bloody amazing, ive never died to a 1 on 1, even vs rouge’s my spider has even webbed them whilst thier stealthed, I have around 1.2k hp only, going more for agility for crit bonus.

  12. Basti87 says:

    a hunter can also walk with 30% speed when u change the animal skill (dunno the name), he have 3 different kinds of it, dodge (18%), more range damage and one, “tiger” or so to walk 30% faster.

    he can also see humanoids on the radar, which is a good thing to avoid enemies, also by carry the flag.

    1on1 with a paladin is hard but possible to win, he will buff the slow down shot away, but he isn´t faster as you when you have the 30% movement speed buff.

    there are also many pets, spider can bind him in a web for few seconds, pig can stun, or slow down.

    there are also some special pvp tools, trappy net, which bind him for 10 seconds even when he gets attacked, sleepy powder, which does him under sleep for 10 seconds.

    first aid, cooking and potions also helps alot.

    when you are a nightelve you can go in stealth and with the right pet it can stealth to, or you can trick the opponent by puting your pet 20 yards on hold, so they think you stealth there.
    deadly for rogues cause they try to search you and the pet will attack them automatically, later.

    i playd many chars, rogue, lock, shaman but hunter is the best. with good equip you have over 15% crit chance, 5% hit ratio and attack power damage of 150 and more, which can be 200 crit damage.

  13. Prot paladins for 4.1 stack stam and some str have a pot or 2 and have a little bit of SP so ur can heal urself up in hard fights with word of glory

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