WoW Money Making Alert: Frozen Orbs

Save your Frozen Orbs, or buy them cheap now on the Auction House.  These guys are about to jump in price!  They can be used in 3.3.3 as currency to buy the following:

  • Crusader Orb (6)
  • Runed Orb (4)
  • Eternal Fire
  • Eternal Earth
  • Eternal Water
  • Eternal Air
  • Eternal Life
  • Eternal Shadow
  • Frost Lotus
  • Pattern: Frosty Flying Carpet [Tailors Only] (6)


    1. Sion, Laughing Skull EU says:

      Nice! Thanks for the heads up.

    2. Aenistor says:

      why are they about to go up, are they going to be rare to find?

    3. Khor says:

      @ Aenistor

      They’re about to become currency for Runed Orbs, Crusader Orbs, Eternals, and quite possibly Frost Lotus from the looks of it.

      Demand for them will go up in attempts to craft gear at a profit, especially with crafting cooldowns going away. Hence, the price will go up with demand. Already seeing them shoot to 25g on my server, though it’s calmed down a bit since they announced this.

    4. Aenistor says:

      Thank you Khor, can I ask where you found this out?
      And I see you have a ret Pally also. I think I have pretty good gear rite now until i get my ter 10 set. but im only doing 2.5K DPS can you help me and tell me whats up? Aenistor, server Llane.

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