WoW Content I’d Like to See

As a WoW player, you learn the ins and outs of the Warcraft world.  Aspects of gameplay become second nature, and your skills of anticipation and alertness are heightened.   Sometimes I think I know better than the Blizz developers.  I think I know what will work in that game and what won’t.  But then I remember, these guys created a multi-billion dollar game that has lasted 5 years and shows no sign of slowing down.  They know what they are doing.

That said, there are still some aspects of gameplay I’d like to see.  If I were a designer, or content creator, here is what I would add to World of Warcraft:

Solo Dungeons

Just one to start out with, then expand to more in the future.  It functions just like normal instancing dungeons.  Potential server overload?  Possibly.  Judging by the max limit for instances now, I could see issues with this.   But the gameplay potential is great.

You start in front of a castle, keep, or fortress.  Horde or Alliance own the keep, depending on your opposing faction.  Your mission?  To slay the leaders, and eradicate the enemies stationed there.  Each ‘boss’ drops a token of sort for loot, functioning like emblems.  This token-bought loot is not as strong as what is obtainable in 5-mans, but gives viable options. 

There would be random blue and purple drops (not guaranteed) from trash and bosses respectively.  Progress would be saved similar to heroics, and it would be one weekly attempt.  Trash would not respawn, to prevent farming.

Random Vendors would spawn, such as rare mobs, that sell unique crafting plans, including cooking and first aid.  Also may sell unique non-combat pets, cosmetic gear, etc.  The vendors would NOT sell the same items when they spawn, and would not list everything at once.  Rare vendors with random rare items.  Fun times.

This would be a viable option to grinding the same daily quests over and over.  THere would be kinks to work out..but hey, I’m the imaginary creator here!

Wardrobe Closets

Self explanitory, and I;ve said this in other posts before.  I’d love some other storage ability to keep old gear in.  Yes, it is purely cosmetic, and serves no function for current gameplay, but it’s nice not to have to trash hard-earned gear.

All my MC, BWL, and TBC gear is gone.  The only thing I have kept is my Lightforge Armor.  Would be a nice little addition for gear only.

Character Screen Re-ordering

Khor is currentl 3rd on my character screen.  I’d love to move him to the top.  Maybe it is a little OCD, but I have heard numerous suggestions for this on the forums, and it was even brought up in the Q&A at Blizzcon this year.

The Return of Quest Stacking

Blizzard themselves have said that leveling is no longer the main focus of WoW.  Giving us 2 quests at a time in WotLK is my biggest complaint for the expansion.   Give me the old days of Westfall and Strangelthorn Vale where I can stack 10 quests, go out into the world, complete my quests, and return with all to turn in.  Cut down all that needless travel time.  I will see all the areas anyways, no need to make me fly, ride, or walk just as much as I am actually questing.


Expensive BoA Items

Don’t slap a 20,000g pricetag on a Mammoth, and not let it be BoA.  Seriously.  If a player can cough up that much gold for one mount, don’t make them do it for each additional toon.  I understand rarity and all, but to me it seems like just one strong push in the durection of that hated practice of buying Gee Oh El Dee.

I have a Traveler’s Mammoth.  It’s on my Rogue (when it was my main).  My main is now my Paladin.  Can’t use it.  20,000g down the damn drain.  If anything is over 20,000g, it better be BoA!

Pack Mule

You ever wonder how you can carry 5 backpacks with 20 slots each, holding hundreds, if not thousands of pounds of gear, weaponry, potions, flasks, crafting gear, and so much more, without falling the f* over?  I’m sorry, but my Paladin is the strongest damn human in Azeroth, hauling his Ret gear, Def gear, and sometimes even Healy gear with all my other crap I usually have packed into my bags.  Oh yeah, he can swim just fine with all that, too.

Introducing Blanchy Junior!  The all-in-one pack horse to lug around all your crap for you.  The new tailoring item is pack mule bags, to add to the 6 bag slots the pack mule has for carrying around all the stuff you can no longer hold!

Pricetag: 10,000g

(Travel speed decreased by 25% if pack mule is not STABLED!)

Diplomacy Buff

Makes you friendly to the opposing faction.  Can safely enter Horde or Alliance cities and use their vendors, Auction Houses, etc.  Cannot enter PvP combat.  Only a 1 hour duration, with a cooldown of 72 hours.  Obtainable through a quest line.

Gnome Paladins

Gnomes in Cataclysm have learned to be priests.  If they can master Holy Magic for healing, how long until we see the long awaited Gnome Paladin?  Well, long awaited for me at least!

Random Spawning Treasures

Epic Quality BoP gear spawning in the most random places of Azeroth.  In caves, under water, atop mountains.  Very rare spawns.  Long cooldowns.  Would make finding one that much more special.  Random item levels respective to the zones they are found in, or respective to the level of the player.

Imagine climbing to the top of Ironforge and visiting the airport.  Out of the corner of your eye you catch a gleaming blade sticking out of the snow near the closed IF entry.  An Epic weapon awaits!

I might think of more…but for now, that’s it!


  1. bldavis says:

    Khor, You sir, are a GENIUS!

    i love all these ideas!

    ESP the solo dungeons, why try to do one made for 5, that sure you could solo, but it would be pointless to strive for unless to farm.

    a solo dungeon designed for one, possibly with npc healers/tank/dps?
    or is that too much like dragonage?

    great ideas! keep them coming!

  2. Khor says:

    Haha thanks! If you play WoW long enough, you’re bound to start finding ways to optimize your own gameplay experience. My ideas tend to drift towards solo-PvE content, since grouping isn’t always possible. Efficiency is also huge on my list of things wanted. I hate wasting time!

  3. Thynas, Dalaran server says:

    One additional bit of content I would really like to see is a quest chain or series of chains to upgrade the lowly backpack. There was a time in every players experience when it was the most beloved, biggest and best storage container. But now it is completly obsolete and cannot even be upgraded with a normal bag.

  4. Sion, Laughing Skull EU says:

    Solo dungeon would be a great idea. It could be a pvp type fight like that found in the game already. Maybe you fight yourself? That would eliminate the need to redesign bosses for each class; I’m sure squishy mages would complain otherwise!

  5. Osbearn says:

    The Wardrobe idea is one i’ve had time and time again while typing DELETE for that piece of badge or pvp gear that can’t be resold for any amount.

  6. shandri says:

    I like the idea of solo instances and have many times spoke to my friends bout this, they should go bak to the old diablo style where ‘Instances’ got harder with the more people u took in them meanin u could play solo or grp up the choice is yours rather than bein pushed in2 groupin up and in many cases puggin randoms which itself is a lottery.

  7. blooday says:

    i like your epic finding idea its really cool! i have thought of something similar to that a while ago but never really thought much of it…but yeah finding an epic in random places would be useful and it seems more real that way


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