Top 7 Ret Paladin Trinkets

DPS Trinkets for the Ret Pally

It’s 10:33 PM and I have been attempting to PUG my way into some Emblems of Triumph for those final gear upgrades.  I stare with complete boredom at the unimpressive [Mark of Supremacy], gawking at the useless +hit rating, thinking my 10.5% +hit is already 2.5% above the Ret Paladin hit cap.  [Citadel Enforcer’s Claymore] has already blown me way past my needed hit, so this trinket will not be bought.

[Mirror of Truth] and [Darkmoon Card: Greatness] still sit in my two trinket slots, both ilvl 200.  While I have had horrible luck in the past at getting weapons, I have had worse luck on DPS trinkets.

Two very good trinkets are within my grasp now that Patch 3.3 and ICC have been released.  So I began to compare DPS trinkets, and what would be best for my Ret Pally.

Here are the top 7 DPS trinkets for Ret Paladins:

  1. [Death’s Verdict] (Heroic)
  2. [Herkuml War Token]
  3. [Death’s Verdict] (Normal)
  4. [Whispering Fanged Skull]
  5. [Darkmoon Card: Greatness]
  6. [Mark of Supremacy]
  7. [Blood of the Old God]

 Keep in mind these will vary slightly in how beneficial they are to you, depending on what your current gear is.  My current targets are [Herkuml War Token] and [Whispering Fanged Skull], so we’ll see how that goes!

Current as of 12/27/09, Patch 3.3


  1. I was kind of surprised that the /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(“\124cffa335ee\124Hitem:50355:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0\124h[Herkuml War Token]\124h\124r”); was this good. I checked on RAWR and it is better then what I expected. What is your perspective on this trinket? Is it worth getting? Should I first get my T10 4 Set bonus before I get it?

  2. Herkumi War Token ^^^^

  3. Khor says:

    I’d get the T10 set bonus before this for sure. It’s a nice trinket, but I’ll cross my fingers for Whispering Fanged Skull until I get past the Plate gear I will need. Darkmoon Card: Greatness still isn’t that bad, so I’ll manage with that for a while still.

    Haste isn’t tops on our stat list, falling under hit, strength, expertise, then crit. It’s nice though. The key is the stacking AP buff. Very nice.

  4. Bananas says:

    Haste is beast and again as it was at the end of BC and thru Ulduar before the took Seal of Blood/Martyr once you have 35% crit unbuffed at least it is our best stat after Str. You have to remember now that our DPS mitigation is hugely dependant on having 5 stacks of Corruption/Vengeance and a faster swing speed w/o losing our base is Huge. Expertise is good but not huge….soft cap is easy to get but you can survive w/ 17-23 expertise withough losing much. But again if you look for haste as Ret you want to be at minimum 35% crit unbuffed

  5. Darkendpeon says:

    I am an 80 ret paladin recently getting into icc, did a little bit of icc 10 and 25. I have replaced my tier 9 pieces besides 1 piece and was wondering if I should save up my emblems of frost for the War token or if i should try to get the 2 piece tier 10 bonus first (currently having no tier 10 pieces, but about 40 emblems of frost).

  6. Khor says:

    Hey Dark, 2 T10 will be your #1 priority. That’s the largest DPS boost you will see!

  7. Welmir says:

    guys forget about the Card.. get Deaths Verdict and that should be your priority

  8. Khor says:

    @ Welmir – While Death’s Verdict is indeed the better of the two, it is much, much harder to obtain than DMCG. Many Rets consider DMCG a much more viable option since it is readily available on the AH.

    Choosing between the two is a no-brainer…but just going out and getting DV isn’t even close to a simple chore.

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