The Waiting Game

Khor checking in.  Sitting at my desk at work, with a blank sheet of paper in front of me.  I have scribbled a title in pencil, “Ret Topics!!!”.  Under that, endless white paper.  Until Patch 4.0.6 goes live, I feel like I am kind of twiddling my thumbs, whistling and watching the clock as time drudges by.

That’s how I feel in game, too.  I’ve been raiding as Holy, and while I continue to work on my Retribution DPS and gear, I feel like it’s currently a stagnant pool I continue to wade through, since Patch 4.0.6 is on the horizon.

Here is what I know I will be changing with Patch 4.0.6:

  • FCFS rotations will be altered to give Templar’s Verdict a higher priority.
  • I will be swapping several pieces of my current gear for ones that have Mastery.  Mastery will at least equal crit/haste, and may surpass it, making it a top stat priority under hit and expertise caps.
  • Gemming remains the same mostly, but the chaotic meta will change to require red gems, and there will be a higher priority strength meta hitting the auction house.
  • There will be a few new strength enchants to keep an eye out for.

All of these changes are fairly decent boosts to our DPS, but it’s yet to be seen how effective they will be when compared to other classes.  I’m eager to get rolling ,and I am eager to start making changes to information on this site.  But until we see the patch go live, I will continue to sit and watch the clock.

Twiddle dee, twiddle dum, Retribution makes me numb!  Give me raiding, give me DeePS, turn my damage to something l33t!


  1. 5aLOoO says:

    when this patch will come live

  2. Mai says:

    you can do an update to your solo guide. i enjoyed those and recently found that molten core is soloable and isnt too bad if you avoid the packs of the hounds that have to die at the same time and dont get feared into them when fighting the big pup.

  3. Khor says:

    No clue, could be next week…could be week after. Boubouille at mmo-champion isn’t venturing a guess either just yet. If he isn’t sure, I definitely am not 🙁

    Everything seems close to being ready to go live, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was this week. But we all know Blizz loves to polish their content, so it may sit one more week on the PTR as well.

  4. Deádsky says:

    God i hate waiting for patches 4-5years? a paladin player and seen all our buffs/nerfs etc..

    looking at the PTR notes comming out fewer and fewer changes which is a good sign that there close to going live with it,, 1-2weeks at most im thinking.

  5. Khor says:

    @ Mai – actually, I have solo’d Molten core, and it wasn’t too hard at all. It’s a little lengthy if you take down all the trash, but not too bad.

    In regards to the packs, I couldn’t get them all down at once, so I backtracked and ran into the lava to get out of combat. I just avoided them and fought both bosses on the edge of the room.

  6. Geddyn says:

    If you’re out of Retribution Paladin topics and you’ve done a Holy Paladin (blech) topic, why not do one for those of us who offspec Protection? 🙂

    Or you could do one big topic for alternate classes by trying to compile helpful sites.

  7. That_dude says:

    I feel exactly the same way.

  8. Whig says:

    Agree, waiting for a patch that will change play mechanics is tough. I understand why you’ve been playing Holy.

    Not sure if you are really looking for topics but if you are, I agree that it would be great to update the solo guides. They are what brought me to this site and I think they are the best I have found on the web. The gear chase is slowing down and soon we will all be looking for things to do during lockouts. Of course, will prob want to wait until fully epic gear to try the 70 raids, but I’m really looking forward to finally finishing a solo Kara…

  9. Rolann says:

    I was thinking of off specing to Protection. I have never tanked or healed, so as a newb to this, what do u recomend is easier Tanking or Heals?

    Also, I have been doing runs with my guild for Ach. to pass the time. We last week took out ICC 10 (norm) and lastnight we did Black Temple, Tempest Keep, and Zul’ Aman. And I can say we only needed 8 guildies to get the guild ach. There has been alot of question as to how many you need to get it. We started Black temple with only six, and got to the final boss and wiped, lol, so then we brought in 3 more and got the job done. The other 2 we did with 8, and had no problems. 3 down 6 to go for the Guild Outland Raider.

  10. Arrav says:

    I to am at work bored out of my skull. so i suggest we start….

    ill start us off.

    -Coolest looking Ret weapons
    -Greatest dpsing hairstyles
    -How much mastery is to much mastery?

  11. tk says:

    Well, it’s interesting that pallys have a chance right now to be badass, just not as Ret. Holy paladins are topping the charts as healers, and it’s rare that we have the chance to top the chart in any spec. The pull to try it out is hard to resist.

    But I think if I had it in me to be a great healer/tank, I would have figured it out by now. I’m going to take my 9k dps and go kill critters…

  12. Gnarlie says:

    Sad to say but i doubt rets will get decent enough to be part of a raid grp. Personally i think we have to much to keep track on and then add boss mechanics. So holy it is for me and im gathering prot pices so i can get rid of ret once for all. we had our fun in wotlk and now its come to an end. Paladins should not have a faceroll rotation, i agree, but inq, zelotry and holy power as well as fcfs rotation it gets a bit much to look out for when you gotta move from fire, interrup spells and move to targets. Thats all i can say about that. Awsome site ofc Khor.

  13. Mourdechai says:

    On the topic of MC soloing: It was doable completely in Wrath(I did have full 264 and some 277 though). It is now laughably easy and the only boss that gives me a bit of a problem now is baron, since he tosses you in the air.

  14. Kelmoreion says:

    More on Holy would be great. Seems like we are all stuck on the sidelines doing the daily grind while waiting for the patch and everyday putting out name in the raid hat but getting passed over alot.

    I was able to get my offspec holy to i351 pretty quick with exalted items from factions and some valor/justice points – now I just need some willing parties to let me practice on them as I haven’t healed for so long I get confused in the fight and run in to start swinging.

    Keep up the good work – check out my guy (kelmoreion on bladefist) and let me know what you think – always looking for advice.

    Thanks for all your hard work – probably doesn’t get said enough.

  15. Kreirravia says:

    Great post! Anything to take a break from getting my ass kicked in bgs. With luck *crosses fingers* the patch will be this week (with blizz….it could need up being next yr insteed). I’m praying for this week. If it’s anylonger and I’m going have to remove a retribution paladin from my guilds progression grp simply because his class is weak…it’s not fair at all and the only thing that can save him is that patch. I seem to have wondered a little lol. Keep up the good work…maybe up date some of the older areas of the site? or something. 🙂

  16. Nangiiala says:

    Hey, I don’t think we are that weak actually. I can do up to 15K on the Baradin Hold boss and I think thats acceptable. Ofc we are not one of the top DPS classes but its not that bad. You don’t have to start healing because of it:P But thats my opinion =)

  17. h0LyShaDoW- says:

    Am I the only who don’t have that much troubles with Retribution right now?
    Okay, we’re kinda bound to the RNG factor but still.. my dps is always over 20k with a 350 iLvL gear [a couple of purplz].
    What’s the problem? Sometimes is 22k, thanks to the multiple Hand of Light procs, sometimes is 19-20k.. I’m still topping DPS charts in BH pugs and Istances, and about raids.. I usually outdps Cataclysmically Epics ppl that don’t really (and clearly) know how to play theyr classes.
    Without free 3 Holy power procs this is gonna be harder, imho. I don’t actually take care of Inquisition because I know I can refresh it wherever needed. With 4.0.6 we’re forced to take care of better timings while right now everything work pretty random but it work! Hand of light procs OFTEN! It’s a freaking imba proc even for PVP.

    We finally had burst damage and we’re gonna lose it. Why? =(

    Apart that thanks for the great Blog Khor, long time lurker here 🙂

  18. Shogan says:

    I too am waiting, for a long time now I have been tanking, HC’s and BH at least. Something which I did a lot of towards the end of Wrath due to guild member activity. I do enjoy it very much but it is no where near as fun as Ret, so I cannot wait for the new patch to see if the changes breathe life into Ret once again.

    In the mean time I have been trying to solo some Wrath content. I have only done Nexus HC so far but plan to work my way through them all. Prot Aura, Kings, Seal of Insight for bosses and Righteousness for trash. WoGs go on heals most of the time and keeping up Inq.

    Nexus HC was easy enough to get through if but a little time consuming, after all you are fulfulling the roles of 5 people 😛

    @h0LyShaDoW – I tried Ret for pvp but soon switch to Prot, I can honestly say that I have faired much better this way. I do miss Ret pvp but for my playstyle and that of my 2’s partner it is seriously good. The DPS that Ret does in PvP is crazy but to me they feel a little squishy compared to other classes.

  19. Mourdechai says:


    I would love to see a log to back up those numbers. I have gear nearly on par with you (ilvl 345 equipped with an epic weapon and gloves) and i top out overall on raid bosses at around 15k DPS, lower on fughts with lots of movement.

  20. h0LyShaDoW- says:


    I’m fine with your request, if this evening when I’m back from work I’ll raid I will also make some screenshot (don’t laugh @ UI btw:D).

    Anyway – since boredom at office is killing me – I would like to ask you some things:

    – The weapon! What’s your weapon? If you’re not able or that lucky to get an epic one, take ASAP the PVP one with conquest points, it’s an istant 2k dps boost! I’m not joking.
    – Are you using always your CD? Starting with Avenging Wrath [after the first Inquisition] and continuing, when it fade, with Zealotry? On a 10 mins fight [Like Magmaw] you’re gonna use them both at least four times.
    – No need to ask you about hit/experstise cap, right? Also you’re at least gemmed properly? Hurricane on weapon?
    – CLCRET is your best friend since WotLK :), adopt him!

    Hope this help.. and sorry for the fail english too 😛

  21. EGOprime says:

    Here’s hoping tomorrow is 4.0.6.

    Being at a loss for topics today is absolutely normal. We have beat “rets are near broken” lists, posts, and discussions, in to near oblivion. It seems a lot of us, including me, have took to the forums (and our favorite websites) to vent our frustrations since our gaming experience has diminished.

    Once this next patch does hit, we will have all the discussion topics we can shake a stick at. Which item is better itemized? What should I reforge? Is this piece of gear better than that piece? Are we still broken? What is our BiS list with the new mastery buff?

    Rest up, gentlemen, hopefully the warcraft retribution forums/websites explode tomorrow. If not, good luck till then.

  22. Blitzstrike says:

    Well for those who are waiting for the patch for ret, id suggest pally tanking. Its extreamly fun for me, its an instant Que and depending on ur group u can move as fast as u want… healing is cool too but i really think yall should give tanking a try. =)

  23. Lumpi says:

    I tried a PuG run last night as holy. Was terrible! The tank died twice and left right after we downed the first boss. 🙁


    if what you’re saying is true, would you be able to provide a link to your armory page? I’m curious to see how your character looks.

  24. Onyx says:

    When will you put up the new pre raid requirement gear with mastery. Can you please post it so I can start working on the mastery stuff from heroics before 4.0.6 comes out?

  25. Humanaggro says:

    holyshadow could you possible link to your armory so I can see what gear you have? You seem to be doing GREAT DPS and while I’m also happy with my current DPS it’s not even close to yours so an armory link would be great!


  26. h0LyShaDoW says:

    There you go guys:ølyshadow

    As you can clearly see I’m not even enchanted or totally epic gemmed, no metasocket tough lol!

    For screenshot we must wait some melee static raid encounters like Baradin Hold or Magmaw.. 🙂 I will post them next reset, I promise.

    All I can say is to not give up, WE’RE NOT BROKEN, we’re just playing in a different way but we’re still competitive!

    Cheers from Italy ^^

  27. h0LyShaDoW says:

    OOOOPS, sorry for the double post, old wrong armory link, use this one:

  28. Marko says:

    I don’t think the patch will go live intil 2/8. As of 1/31 the PTR is still up. It usually goes down prior to the patch live. I believe they/Blizz are arguing amongst themselves and still are in divided camps regarding this patch.

    Pallys are still broke and are unable to generate HoPo with any speed or consistancy. This keeps us from providing a steady stream of viable damage. Increasing divine purpose to 60% would be a quick solution.

    Mobility is still an issue. They could return cleanse to remove magic or improve long arm of the law to 6 seconds.

    There is so much they could do but they won’t.

  29. Theorw says:

    I ve gathered some mastery crit gear and i have it WAITING too:)
    I just hope they ll be worth changing 🙂

  30. Mourdechai says:


    I the only thing you mentioned that I don’t regularly do is use zealotry when it is up. I have chants and 40 str gems and an equipped ilvl of 345.

    Are you talking spike damage or overall for that 19-22k?

  31. h0LyShaDoW- says:

    I’m talking about overall dps on static melee fights like Baradin hold.
    Zealotry is HUGE dps increase, you should ALWAYS use it. Exactly like Avenging Wrath BUT don’t use them both at the same time.
    During Zealotry just CS->TV till the buff fade out, just keep the Censure dot up refreshing a Judgement here and there.

  32. Mourdechai says:
  33. Mourdechai says:

    yeah, i understand the concept behind zealotry, i just forget to actually press it a lot of the time. I wish i had a log for when i did a BH run to compare. I can’t remember what my Last BH run was.

  34. h0LyShaDoW- says:

    Okay, this should help you:

    I use to macro Zealotry and Avenging Wrath in the same hotkey/macro.

    /cast Avenging Wrath
    /cast Zealotry

    I start the fight waiting for the first Inquistion, then I use the macro wich it cast only Avenging Wrath due no Holy Power active (used by Inquisition), when the golden wings fade out and 3 HP are up I use again the same macro for Zealotry, it don’t consume your HP, Inquisition again and CS->TV all the time. After that you’re gonna getting Avenging Wrath again 80 seconds later or so, rinse and repeat!

    About your armory: never enchant or socket something different from Strenght. Since strenght is not reforgable you should use reforge to get hit and expertise cap and focus gemming and enchants on strenght all the time.
    I got 527 base STR more than you and this is VERY important.

    For the rest GZ on guild name hahaha I lol’d iRL 😀

  35. h0LyShaDoW- says:

    Another thing, you’re actually specced wrong imho.
    Blazing Light is very important since Exorcism proc by Art of War are our primary DPS attack right now. My dps charts always end with Exorcism as top damage attack dealer, second the Templar’s Verdict.
    Eye for an Eye it’s also a little dps boost on particoular encounters.

    Eternal Glory and Selfless Healer are definetely a dps loss right now, and yes, I know you love healing here and there during encounters like we always did before the Shattering, but at the moment is totally a waste of dps, sadly.

    Hope this help.

  36. Mourdechai says:

    I had that spec before and didn’t like it very much. But i will try it out again. I like the spike in burst phases, but overall numbers are obviously more important.

  37. jaden says:

    not sure if some1 posted this before but something that helped me out as far as dps is changing to the pvp epic weapon increasing my dps, stam,str, crit…..but u need to be caped in hit and exp

  38. uneverknow says:

    i dont think ur pulling as much dps u r saying because i am really geared out and everything u say ur doing i been doing from the starte and ya i hit 26 when everything procs at the right time and cd are blown but at the end of the fight i am about 16-18k so idk whta ur saying 20-22k i dont beleave that sorry

    check out my gear here:

  39. Kelmoreion says:

    @holyshadow – in your rotation seems like you popped GoAK in there with your reference to the golden wings – please clarify.

    I’m more along the lines with ‘uneverknow’ as to damage. I’m not near as well geared as some but typically in dungeon run I’ll dominate on damage on the boss fights (depending on how much moving we have to do – blizz sure could help with that if they simplified our rotation) and on trash mobs be somewhere in the middle.

    link to my guy:

  40. Mourdechai says:

    I somehow get the feeling that he is confusing the term “Overall” to mean maximum output. but without a log, the world will never know.

  41. pGa.Ghu)Z(dan says:

    he talks crap… I’m really geared out and have about 16-19k dps (of course perfect rotation/trinket usage), sometimes more, depends on fight/buff setup.
    His equipment is crap imho.. he never never ever reaches 20-22 k on aga/magmaw and stuff. I repeat = NEVER!

    my char :

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