Forums Live!

My Retribution Paladin Forums are now LIVE!  Hopefully this will help focus some of the conversations we have been having in the comments here on several posts.  It will also be much easier to search and read topics and replies.

My goal for these forums is to provide a place where Ret Paladins can seek advice on gear, leveling, talents, and anything in between.  Right now, my intention is to start out small.  I really would like to stay as active as possible and reply as often as possible to each of the topics, so a small set of forums is ideal.

Should I ever need to expand them, that is always an easy option.  In regards to moderators, my intent is to moderate myself for the time being.  I have definitely written down the names of those who have expressed interest in being a mod, and should the need arise, and it become too much for me to handle myself, I will definitely be in contact!

I genuinely hope this provides an area for the help sought on this site.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

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