Retribution Paladin – Solo Ossirian AQ20

Solo Ossirian as a Ret Paladin

Ossirian, the final boss in AQ20.  My guild never got this guy down in Vanilla WoW.  Only in BC at 70 did we venture back in for a kill.  Sadly, I was not a part of this run.  So, my encounters here with Ossirian were my first.

I will tell you that soloing Ossirian is noticeably harder than soloing Hakkar in ZG.  Ossirian does get a nasty debuff that allows for perfect soloing, but if you miss activating the crystals, then you are likely headed for a wipe.

This is totally do-able guys.  Many classes have done this, and it’s no new knowledge that Prot Paladins can handle this easily…but the real challenge is going in as Ret.  Give this a try sometime between now and Cataclysm launch.  It’s a fun fight!


Had to use the normal soloing combination, because Ossirian simply hits too hard.   Here are the buffs I used as a Ret Paladin:

  • Seal of Light
  • Judgement of Light
  • Blessing of Kings
  • Retribution Aura


The first strategy I tried was to nuke him down without activating the crystals.  Big mistake.  Although I valiantly took him down to 50% HP, I wound up a purple smear in the sand.  Next attempt I used the crystals.  Ossirian still hits like a truck, so I had to keep my SoL and FoL combo in tact.

Activating the crystals was easy, and I was able to burn him down after 2 crystals.  Had no need to even search for a third.   Since I run with a mix of ICC 10 and 25 gear, utilizing a third crystal might be necessary for lesser gear.

Ossirian’s speed and damage is significantly reduced when you activate the crystals, so activation and fighting him afterward is a must.  You will find this surpisingly easy if you can hit the crystals in time.  If not, watch out for his heavy damage and be prepared to bubble or Lay on Hands.

Divine Storm was especially helpful keeping my damaging heals up.  Two piece T10 bonus also was a bonus factor.  Tank him in one spot around the crystal and with around 10 seconds or so left, make a run for the next crystal you will be using.

Be sure to scan the area for the nearest crystal to use while fighting.


Ossirian’s loot was buffed a bit more than the other bosses.  Instead of 2 books, I looted 3, and the coinage increased as well.

For Ossirian, I looted the following:

  • 50g coinage
  • 30g for class spell books
  • 12g for vendored boss gear

Around 92g for this boss kill, which easily doubles Hakkar’s loot in ZG.  Very good gold earning potential on this boss, especially since most trash in the raid can be skipped.

Good luck trying this out!

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