Retribution Paladin – Solo Moam (AQ20)

Solo Moam as a Ret Paladin

Moam is the third boss in AQ20 that I attempted to solo as a Ret Paladin, and I did so with ridiculously easy success.  Not much strategy here, but I will say that if the Ooze trash mobs on the way to Moam manage to start consuming you, you’re in trouble.  The first consume I ran into was easy to bubble out of.  The second one killed me.  I did manage to kill a couple as well, but my recommendation is to completely skip them if possible.


Normal preventative Rettribution Paladin soloing buffs here.  Having never done this fight before, I basically went in blind, trusting my heals to keep me alive, and hoping my soloing tactics would be enought to help me survive any surpises.  Here are the buffs I used as a Ret Paladin:

  • Seal of Light
  • Judgement of Light
  • Blessing of Kings
  • Retribution Aura


Soloing Moam was as simple as stand still, swing, face roll FCFS DPS rotation.  None of Moam’s abilities put me under any duress, and this was by far the easiest boss fight in AQ20 up to this point.


Moam’s loot followed the same pattern as Kurinnaxx and General Rajaxx.

For Moam, I looted the following:

  • 25g coinage
  • 20g for class spell books
  • 10g for vendored boss gear

Around 55g for this boss kill, which isn’t bad at all.  Total for 3 bosses is now around 145g.

Good luck trying this out!


  1. Suliso says:

    Try endboss as well he isnt that hard either just pull him to the pylons and kill him

    i used JoW Sov and on my AoW proccs i flahs healed myself with the shield its providing enough heal

    Most important is pylons so he wont hit u for that much

  2. Khor says:

    Hey Suliso, already done! Did all this last week-ish, just staggered the posts to come out this week 🙂 I bet you’ll see an Ossirian post tomorrow sometime 🙂

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