Retribution Paladin Inquisition and Leveling

Inquisition is available to Paladins at level 81.  It gives a 30% boost to Holy damage for 4 seconds for each charge of Holy Power consumed.  Take note of the damage aspect.  This does not boost spell power, so it will not affect heals.  Common sense I would assume, but just making sure we clarify that before starting.

Talents (Inquiry of Faith) will further buff this to a maximum of 30 seconds total uptime when 3 charges of Holy Power are consumed.  This talent should have already been taken in your core Ret spec, so it should be something you are already seeing in game at 81.

Inquisition for Leveling

Tricky details here in terms of when to use Inquisition.  For end game raiding and dungeons, it’s easy just to say, “Inquisition is first on your FCFS priority rotation”.  Jump backwards to leveling from 81 to 85, and things get a little messy.

The real problem lies in the difficulty of the Cataclysm trash mobs.  They’re tougher, hit harder, and are just a little nastier than the mobs we are normally used to seeing.  That means we are healing mid-fight with Word of Glory, and using Templar’s Verdict often to chew up large chunks of HP.  That doesn’t leave a ton of room for Inquisition.

From what I can tell you so far, it is not always optimal to use Inquisition for every fight.

Inquisition vs One Mob

Versus one mob, Inquisition is a 50/50 shot.  Yes, you can use it, but it’s more of a luxury than a necessity.  You shouldn’t need to worry about heals mid-fight with one mob, and Templar’s Verdict will come eventually.  You don’t need to wait for 3 charges of Holy Power, either.  Two is probably just enough to finish the job.

Now, if you are chain pulling one mob at a time, waiting for the first to die before pulling another (or something close to that), then I’d say use Inquisition 100% of the time.  Get your first 3 charges of Holy Power, activate Inquisition, and rinse and repeat until you are done killing.

Inquisition vs Two Mobs

Yes, use Inquisition here, then decide whether to use successive charges of Holy Power on Word of Glory or Templar’s Verdict.  Rinse and repeat until done killing.

Inquisition vs Three Mobs

Now we get to the more gray areas, and it greatly depends on your playstyle and ability as a Ret.  It feels awkward to say that, especially since it’s a leveling environment and only three trash mobs.  We are in uncharted waters here.

Here’s my best recommendation: If the mobs are not giving you a hard time right off the bat, activate Inquisition at one or two charges.  If they are surprisingly easy, go ahead and wait for three charges.  You will more than likely be needing to Word of Glory at some point, so plan your successive Inquisitions around this.  If the mobs are difficult and hitting you hard, abandon Inquisition for Word of Glory.

Inquisition vs Four Mobs or More

In this situation, I found myself needing Word of Glory more than Inquisition or Templar’s Verdict.  Word of Glory is used at 2 or 3 charges, and only if I am topped off on HP would I hit TV.  If you are grouped with other players, then this scenario changes entirely and I’d say use Inquisition…but when soloing, I think you’ll find better uses for your Holy Power charges.  Damage is good, just not at the cost of survival.

Inquisition with Zealotry

Inquisition used with Zealotry does make things a little easier, because one Crusader Strike can activate full-effect Inquisition, Word of Glory and Templar’s Vedict.  This can allow for Inquisition and/or Templar’s Verdict to be thrown into the mix, when normally they wouldn’t be used with Word of Glory normally taking priority in larger packs.

Thanks to ScytheNoire for reminding me of Inquisition use with Zealotry!

Let me know what you guys think! Remember, other readers are looking at your comments for other takes on the subject!  Your input matters!


  1. ScytheNoire says:

    I too find that it’s a real game of deciding what I want to use the holy power for, which is what I think Blizzard was aiming for.

    Mostly I find I use Inquisition, while questing, after a fight when I still have HP left over. In a fight, I try to save up for that TV.

  2. lordmogg says:

    Ive not even got to level 81 yet. Work……… /sigh.

    Anyhow i thin that i will try and write a macro that will use Inquisition only if it is at 3 HP. As part of a pulling attack say for example a Judgement.

    By doing this it will permantly be part of my game play and if i ever need to heal i can worry about that seperately.

  3. Khor says:

    @ lordmogg – That’s where I am right now 🙁 Boo to work.

    I took off time from work for Burnign Crusade, but new babies and repsonsibilities have prevented me from doing such for WotLK and Cata!

  4. Lyreth says:

    I’m in the same boat!! Played last night for the first time for about two and a half hours or so, 80% to 81. Our server was so maxed with people I was d/cing and lagging badly. Once I get out of Hyjal I think it’ll go more smooth. But yeah, booooooo to work! 🙁

  5. Xav says:

    I played a little yesterday and I can say that mobs although a lot and aggresive the real problem is that there is more horde than mobs on my server and players are harder than non elite mobs.

    I might change my mind about mobs when my fresh 80 characters start to level again.

  6. Anthony says:

    As of right now, Im level 83, I find myself popping Inquisition if my HP is fine while fighting, and it often is with a free use of Word of Glory.

    Mastery Rating is found on basically every piece of equipment we see!

  7. MackPally says:

    Question if Hand of Light procs does Inq give you same as if 3 HP ?

  8. Agonus says:

    To MackPally,

    Yes it does. I have found that having a good bit of mastery can help you to get a HoL proc quickly for a full Inquisition that will usually last through most fights. Hit 85 about an hour ago, so I’ll be trying it in dungeons tomorrow. All my XP gains came strictly from questing, so I’m excited about trying out the new instances.

  9. Anthony says:

    Im in the same boat as Agonus for the most part. Ive been questing, only done 3 total dungeons.

    Tomorrow is my 84-85 level-a-thon 😀

  10. TheRetGuy says:

    Another way of using of using Zeal and Inq is at 3 HP use Zealotry because that still puts you at 3 HP, activate Inquisition and straight after crusader strike instant TV or WoG this has worked out pretty well for me, that may of seemed obvious but thought I would throw it out there 🙂 Let me know.

  11. Agonus says:

    Hey Khor,

    I’ve got a question about the mechanics of Divine Storm. Does it deal physical or holy damage? If it’s holy, I can understand why Blizz nerfed it so much, because Inquisition would boost it’s punch by 30% x number of mobs hit. I ran a couple dungeons yesterday and checked my DPS throughout, and discovered I was putting out 6k on average in a 5 man. That’s better than I ever did in WotLK.

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