Ret Paladin Talent Page Updated

Just put the basic outline together for the Retribution Paladin Talents page here on  It has most of the information I want in there, though there are a few sections that need additional information.

Regardless, this particular page is the most visited page every month, and I wanted to get you guys something going for Cataclysm!  I will continue to update it as we progress through Cataclysm!

Visit Retribution Paladins Talent Page!


  1. Van says:

    The Links for the Talents on your Ret talent page is not working. When I click the links for lvl 80 or 85 it fails to show me anything. Can you please correct.

  2. Khor says:

    Thanks Van, I think wowhead shifted their separate Cataclysm database to the main one, so many of my links aren’t going to work. Looks like I have many other posts to fix as well 🙂

    I switched to the MMO talent calculator for the time being.

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