Khor’s Wish List

Every so often, I like to post features I wish I could see implemented in World of Warcraft.  Blizzard does a pretty good job of keeping us happy, but there are still some content areas that could be improved or enhanced.  Take a look at my last post regarding this subject from around this time last year:

In addition to the above list, I’ve added a few more:

Gear Storage

This falls in line with my closet and pack mule ideas, but I really would like to see some better form of gear storage.  I can carry around 2 different sets of gear in my bags, which does not include PvP gear. This takes up a good chunk of bag space, which I prefer to be a bit more free of clutter.

Increasing bag size isn’t the answer imo.  We’re to a point where we have so many gear options, that I think a 6th starge tab next to our bags should be implemented.  This can be labeled “pack mule” or “caravan”…whatever it needs to be.  100 storage slots that can be accessed anywhere on the ground.

Not plausible, you say?  Wouldn’t happen in real life?  Neither would dragging around 75 mounts and 100 companion pets to use at your convenience.  Kind of the same philosophy.  I’d even pay some gold for this…anywhere from 10,000g to 20,000g.

BG Raid Queues

Would love to be able to queue for a normal, non-rated Battleground in a raid again.  My guild recently decided to have some fun and have everyone make a female gnome with pink hair (any class) for early level BGs.

While we are getting good gear for this, I wouldn’t say we are truly twinking, because we are continuing to level through the process.  However, only being able to queue 5 at a time normally, and having to rely on an add-on to get us all into a BG just stinks.


The more I think about this, the sexier the idea becomes.  Have the Gnomes and Goblins start a lottery for each of their factions.  Prizes can be gold, heirloom items, whatever Blizzard wants.  Random 3 numbers weekly from 1-30, and players can buy up to 5 tickets, and must choose the numbers themselves. I’d say price the tickets at around 5g-10g each, with rewards being 10g for matching 1 number, 100g for matching 2 numbers, and 1000g for matching 3.  Or an heirloom item.  I don’t really care what it would be, but it would be a nice little side game to add-on.  Plus, if Blizz wants a universal gold sink, this could definitely be one.


  1. Spencer says:

    I LOVE those 3 ideas, Currently on my paladin i have to carry ret PVP set and PVE set along with Holy PVP and pve, Very hard to manage bag space with all that gear :(, The lottery idea sounds like a lot of fun and would spark excitement in alot of players and the BG ques 5 man is not cool, But its so players cant do premades in normal anymore 🙁 its aimed to get players doing rated for 10 and 15 now.

  2. Ffont says:

    I find that Jeeves helps enormously with pack space. I can access my bank once an hour. That only helps if you have engineering though.

    The second alternative is to do the Argent Crusade achievement and get a pony for your squire, Argent pony bridle I think. This lets you dip into your bank every 4 hours I think..

  3. Jonathan says:

    I wouldn’t mind the bag idea, would be awesome to store some extra gear and not waste bag space.
    I also wouldn’t mind the lottery, but they’d have to make it a level capped lottery…So people don’t make alot of alts just to increase the winning chance. But that’s my oppinion on the case :]

    Have a nice day.

  4. Alexcalibur says:

    I love the lotto idea .. maybe even a casino. … I’d like to see more fun drops and more fun items for engineering. Things like the Orb of Deception or Piccolo of the Flaming Fire. .. I would also love to be able to enter a raid by myself.

  5. Zero says:

    One feature I’ve ALWAYS wanted, but I think will never happen, is gear reskinning. I am probably not alone in thinking that older gear(if you still have it) looks remarkably better than current T11 for paladins. Like how reforging gear shows an indicator on the item saying “Reforged”, reskinned items could also be to the same effect by saying “Custom” or something to that nature.

  6. gau says:

    i dont think blizz will do the lotto or casino thing because it’ll promote gambling, which i presume blizz dont want to get blamed for gambling addiction on kids? (again i assume there’s actually little kids still playing wow), even though i dont mind these ideas 😀

  7. MackPally says:

    What would be nice and keep a little more interest in professions is to have newer recipes that would incorporate all herbs, cloth, ore, etc in making newer items. It’s a shame to spend all the time and gold to max a profession and then not be able to use the lower mats all that much as you get higher in levels. Or have some type of skill like transmute for all professions where you combine different mats from your profession to try and come up with new things.

  8. MackPally says:

    Or just make an item similar to the Horadric Cube?!?

  9. Shogan says:

    @Zero: I actually really like this idea. I would love to be able to run Raids looking like I do when wearing my current PvP gear. I think it is one of the best looking sets around and for Paladins in particular in recent times. Stupid Wrath ded fish helm :/

    @ Pack Mule idea: My suggestion to make this feasible.
    Use the Argent Squire but only if you have grinded the tokens for the pony. Once your squire has the pony you will gain access to one bag slot (bags not included). From this point it would work much like a bank tab if you want an extra slot you will have to pay a high price for the next slot.
    1st bag free + 2nd bag 1k + 3rd bag 3k + 4th bag 6k + 5th bag 10k = 20k in total plus however much you need to spend to have bags made for these slots.

    I think 20k is a reasonable price because the squire has no CD and can be called anywhere except in combat (with pony, this would need ot be implimented). Plus you have the potential to have an extra 100+ item slots and such an addition should be a privilage, something you have to work for.

  10. Douglaar says:

    Regarding gear space, I’d like to see one bag slot per equippable slot, so your 6 sets of boots take one slot, but so does you one shield, for example.

    That way you can select from those items for that slot in the same way as some the equipment manager systems work.

    Other things I’d like would be to allow the AH to allow searching by ‘stack size’ by which I mean, when some sod has flooded the AH with 400 cloth in single items, and I was 5 stacks, I want to be able to search for ‘cloth x 20’ or something along those lines or even ‘cloth > 1’ to avoid trawling through people’s single item listings.

  11. Elexquisa says:

    One year ago, i posted in the suggestion forums on blizzard, for a lotery and or casino.

    My respons :

    Gambling is forbidden in a few country’s.

  12. For your gear storage, I would try to bring only the essentials. When doing a quest, bring only the gears needed for that quest. Do not bring extra gears such as, in case you’ll get involve in a PVP or something. You’re suggestion about implementing extra slots for your gears is understandable, but know that Blizzard has thought over this. This is their decision that convinces them to keep the game balance.

  13. Khor says:

    @ Frank – You’re right. It’s a convenience factor that Blizz has previously stated they would like to avoid. Having all that extra bag space would further reduce the need to travel to the major cities, which Blizz likes to keep central to gameplay. The interaction there is something they are striving to keep intact. This is also seems to be the main reason they would like to avoid guild and/or player housing.

  14. Lumpi says:

    @ Khor

    My #1 item on my wish list is a fully customizable player/guild house. But like you said, it could possibly reduce the use of the cities. I remember back when i played Dark Age of Camelot, we were able to have our own customizable house with a vault, merchants, and crafting areas. There wasn’t any need to go to the cities anymore.

    So in order to fix this, the company that made DAoC made it so that people that craft in the major city would gain a bonus, like 20% speed increase to blacksmithing while within the city. Perhaps Blizzard can do something like this.

    Another thing I loved about the housing in DAoC was the fact that you can put of trophies of the bosses you’ve killed. Like if you killed Medusa, you could put a pedestal with her sword on it anywhere in the house. There’s also the auction person that serves like a vault for you. You dump a lot of junk onto them and list prices and they stay there until sold. Perhaps Blizzard can do this too, but include 15% tax, so people will still use the Auction house more but have the housing auction as an option.

  15. Alexcalibur says:

    Another thing on my wish list would be more options for spell effects. It would be nice to turn down friendly spells; in some fights I completely loose sight of the hit box because of an overwhelming sea of sparkles. Also, I know I miss out on some melee damage because of running out of a friendly spell.

  16. Lumpi says:

    Another idea would be queueing for a 10-25 person raid. The 25 person raid isn’t run all that often, so why not do like the PuGs or BGs and get players from across other servers to fill in the needed positions for a raid. That way raids won’t just be limited to people with raid experience. It can be like Heroics and only limited to people of a certain level and item level. They can even do this for lower level raids like Molten Core. It could probably make those places popular again.

  17. Virtuous says:

    Doesn’t Zin’Rokh already = Lottery for Ret paladins?

  18. Sola says:


    I like your idea regarding the house. I especially like the idea of a trophey case. Why couldn’t the houses be built in the cities. Like a high rise apartment complex. Blizz could even grant 300% experience for sleeping in your own bed, instead of 200% for sleeping in an inn. You could do your cooking in the house, or even buy a personal assistant that could give you haircuts for free.

  19. Shogan says:

    @House suggestion – Remember the Higher Learning achie from Dalaran? Well why not have a summon stone that can teleport you to one of the houses/apartments/2 tiered stores within one of the 4 main cities. This would be your ‘Guild House’ not customisable but each of the 4 cities would have a different layout and have all the features suggested above, guild bank, vendors, crafting areas, no AH though you still need to go into town for that.

    You would still be in the city, you can still interact with everyone else but every guild has a place to call their own. How much easier would it be, for example, when you need a guildy to craft something for you and you are both at opposite ends of the Azeroth. Quick teleport to the same location and with no one else but guildies around.

  20. Kindred says:

    Shogan I think that is a awesome idea. If there is a place in forums for suggestions that blizz reads plz post it there. I personally would also like to see a better variety and palate of hair designs and colors. It kinda feels like everyone looks the same and Im tired of the way my toon looks but the choices are very limiting.

  21. Dragonbane says:

    How about naming World of Warcraft ……………………Guild wars?

    The guild hall comes from guild wars……………………but then again…..if each city has a guild building, which acts like a instance. when you enter you tp to the inside which is your guild house, that could be cool. At the moment your guild has no home to call their own :(. Like with the guild achievements, you would be able to upgrade your guild hall. How about guild bg’s where you have defenses on yur GH and then do guild vs guild pvp. The guild with the cannons will own lol.

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