It Sucks to Paladin in VoA

Yep, it sucks to be a Paladin in VoA.  No matter what role you fill, you are destined to get gobsmacked in the mouth for rolling on any given piece of loot.  Yep, happened to me tonight.  Do I feel bad for winning loot outside of the role I was filling?  Absolutely.  Do I feel hellaciously good about winning the loot I won?  You bet.

See, I am all about fair looting in VoA.  If you come in as a healer, roll on healing gear only.  If you are Ret, only roll on Ret gear.  Tanks…toss those dice on your tanking gear alone.   I used to abide by these rules all the time, but my efforts have cost me numerous upgrade losses.  Sure, it’s fair game, but enough is enough…if the raid leader allows open class rolls on loot, I am all in.

Tonight, I went into a 25-man VoA as a healer, because, well, healing was needed.  I was the only Holy Paladin, accompanied by a Ret Paladin and a Prot Paladin.  Three of us in, and guess what?  Tanking T10 legs dropped.  Raid leader allowed open rolls, so all of us rolled, and I won.

Immediately after the win, Ret Pally bombarded me with “Do you have a tanking set?”  Well of course I do.  “Let me see it.”  Not on me mate, but I’ll show you after this run if you want to follow me to the bank.  Thanks for the vote of confidence, though.

Oh yeah, I’m specced Holy/Ret right now for ICC needs, but I could easily have to tank next week.  Such is the beauty of pre-expansion withdrawal, low summer guild attendance, and ultra Paladin utility.

Tank Paladin chimes in with a whisper of his own, “Do you have a tanking spec?”  I’m holy/ret right now, but I run Prot too, depending on what my guild needs for ICC.  Do you want to come to the bank to see my tnaking set, Ret Paladin over there is already accompanying me. “Whatever, I’m fine”.

I’m tired of this junk…Just attack me why don’t ya?   Accuse me!  Beat me with a dead murloc!  You know what?  I don’t blame you at all! I probably wouldn’t be vocal about it, but I know I’d be frustrated.  Ret gear never drops in there for me, I had to emblem purchase my Ret pants and gloves.  I’ve always managed to have tank and heal T10 drop when I was one spec or the other.  It was time for me to look out for me.  Yeah, asshole move, I know.

Tank rightfully should have had those pants in my book.  Really, he should have.  But my moment of selfishness robbed him of his gear, and it leaves a bittersweet taste in my mouth.


  1. tk says:

    I feel like there should be on spec roll first, off spec second. That’s what I usually see, and it makes sense to me. Of course, I’m OK with anything right now, I just had the DPS T10 legs drop for me yesterday and I won the roll. Yay, 95 Femblems saved.

    VoA has a lot of people running as leader that shouldn’t be, but I still believe the raid leader sets the rule. You played by the rule, so your win is fair. Be happy!

  2. Jeremiah says:

    i see the same thing. I was holy and a guy got mad at me for picking up ret gloves. i told him actually ret is my main set and he can come see it. He told me i shouldn’t roll on ret gear if i’m holy. i said, “that didn’t stop you from rolling on and winning the holy pvp pants that dropped earlier did it?” no reply. people are crazy.

    @tk–recently i had a pug raid leader say at the beginning, “what you walk in as is what you roll on.” nevertheless, someone said he was ninjaing loot when, without rolls, he just gave himself the plate dps pants as the only ret paladin. felt bad for the guy. so he let the other paladins roll and he still won the roll. the other paladins still got pissed off. greedy mofos.

  3. Zavaris says:

    I have to agree with no Ret gear dropping from VoA. I managed to call upon the loot gods to have Sanctified gloves drop and enter my bags. Although the most disappointing time was winning Sanctified pants for my Holy OS while the Holy MS Paladin wins the Ret pants OS. I believe it was a mix up by the master looter. Stupid raid leaders 🙁

  4. Swan says:

    Paladins get to roll on all plate now, regardless of spec? I like that rule!

  5. Tiago says:

    Well, if the raid leader says “open loot” then it’s a fair game to roll on any pally gear, regardless of spec. Yesterday it happened something similar to me: in a VoA10 the hands and legs dropped, I was in healing spec, but couldn’t resist those two ret pieces. I rolled on then and won both. For me, the rules of looting are made by the raid leader…

  6. Dokk says:

    I’m fresh out of dead murlocs with which to beat upon you. Any other preferences for flogging equipment? 🙂

    I like the main spec rolling options myself as well. Open rolls are a different game, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for taking an upgrade. It’s a game, be entertained with your success.

  7. Wallsplatter says:


    If the tank needed the pants , they should have gone to him , plain and simple.

    You said yourself that you are holy / ret spec. To tank you would have to go to the extreme of re-specing and dropping either holy or ret.

    You sir are a loot whore , and you should feel bad about a piece of t10 that will rot in your bank.

    If you were the only pally in the group , have at it.

    That was a sanctified piece also.

    I guess its not so much getting in a group anymore , now you must ask the raid leader if he is doing ms or os

    Main spec first , off spec second is usually the best way to go.

  8. Khor says:

    Ah now see, wallsplatter was the comment I was waiting for. I DO feel bad about the piece, but as I said above, the raid leader set the rules, which I abided by. One correction to your comment though, is that it’s not rotting in my bank, I have tanked ICC and some random Ulduar heroic modes since then (with the legs equipped), and continue to PUG as a tank as well. I swap specs as my guild needs, which can happen as often as week to week. So yes, I did need the piece. And yes, I did and am still using it. Loot whore? No, I wouldn’t go that far. Selfish, yeah, maybe. But 2 years of VoA and its loot and everyone has their breaking point, whether they follow the raid rules or not.

    All that said, I felt and still feel the same way in some regards, that you do. I cannot tell you how many Ret T10 pieces (especially sanctified) I lost to Prot or Holy Paladins. It’s not so bad the first time, but when it keeps on happening, it cause frustration to simmer and boil. But ultimately, if you agree to run a VoA PUG with a raid leader who will allow free rolls, regardless of main spec or not, then you, just like me, set yourself up for very likely loot disappointment. In those runs, you just have to pray your dice are hot, and luck falls in your favor.

  9. Wallsplatter says:

    If the raid leader said open roll on everything , I guess all is fair in love and war. 😛

    Personally I would not roll on holy gear because I do not heal , I am Ret / Prot.

    Yea maybe loot whore was a bit extreme , sorry.

  10. Khor says:

    Hah no worries m8, I totally understand. Now that I actually won a piece, maybe I can go back to passing on gear to those that spec for it 🙂

  11. Diontje says:

    Lol this is why I don’t like VoA25 :p
    Atm I’m running Ret/Prot (but also have holy gear lying in my bank). I’ve just recently specced to Prot so had a real big need to get my hands on some free 264 level prot gear. Had to wait 3 hours before I could find a pug that didn’t have a prot paladin in it. Then as the RL invited other puggers into the raid, I kept having to ask the other pallys what their OS were, out of the other 3 none of them were prot, and luckily for me some gloves dropped =D And then some PVP ret gear dropped in the VoA10 I was in aswell. While having so many sets of gear and being able to use any for when my guild needs is nice, although having 3 fulls sets and currently building a 4th (Ret PvP), I’m really getting low on bag/bank space =[

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