Forums Down

Guys, I have taken the forums here on offline due to mass spam that has plagued the boards for several months now.  While there are several steps I could take to prevent this from happening, I have found myself without the time needed to carefully manage the boards myself…at least as well as I had done towards the end of Wrath.

For now, the forums will remain offline, and you can continue to post any questions in the comments below posts here on the site.

I’m not sure if I will bring the forums back online anytime soon, but as long as time does not permit me to correctly manage the forums as an admin, I think it would be irresponsible to leave them online.

Thanks to all who participated on the boards, and should the situation ever change, I will gladly bring them back up.


  1. Shogan says:

    Definitely have to agree with this decision. I for one would report the spam posts but it just got rediculous over the last few weeks. I just hope they do not migrate from the boards to the site :s

    Will the mail facitlity to registered members still work?

  2. Khor says:

    No, it won’t carry over here. I have a very strong anti-spam program running for the site, which catches 999/1000 spam comments.

    Even if one slipped through here on the site, I manage and view comments mulitple times daily…so if one does get thru the cracks, I quickly get rid of it.

  3. Theogard says:

    Although I understand and agree with everything in your message and the comment above I feel that having to shut down the forums is a real shame. A few months ago, as a new player, I posted a few questions in the Ret pally help sections and the answers changed my WOW experience and greatly enhanced the game for me. I just feel sorry for those coming behind who will not have the same access to Khor and others experience in the same fashion. I wish there was a way to keep just that one element going. I can’t tell you what a difference it makes.

    Still a great site and I will continue to read the articles and rely on the info provided but, as a newbie, having someone look at my character and tell me specific steps to fix it was invaluable.

  4. Shogan says:

    Glad that the Ret community here helped you in those initial stages but unfortunately it is the right call but as Khor said it may not be forever.

    As the forums are not functioning atm, why not have a page on the main site that people can use for Ret Questions? You can still get the feedback from posters but it will just be done here. Granted you won’t be able to start a new topic, etc, but at least there will be a page that you can go to. You might even find the info you need without having to post as others may have enquired beforehand.

    Just a thought, try to keep it in a seperate section is all. Keep the same topics form the forums. So have Ret Help, General Questions, Cata section.

    What do you think?

  5. Geddyn says:

    This is an understandable move, though it’s unfortunate to lose such a good resource for Retribution Paladins.

    Khor, do you have any plans to update the BiS gear lists with the raid gear? I’ve been looking over the Tier 11 set and, with the newest changes in 4.06, most of the tiered pieces are underwhelming at best. The lack of mastery on the most of the set pieces is really disheartening.

  6. Nytengale says:

    I can understand that but one Idea is to have moderators who will help you. I am sure there are some people who are willing to help you out that you know. They can keep the peace. Just an idea.

  7. Shogan says:

    @Geddyn The rating of the T11 gear will come down to the difrference in DPS between the lack of Mastery but how much more effective the 2/4piece bonus is.

  8. incrusiable says:

    shoulda just gotten a couple mods for the forums like i told you when you first thought of making them 😛

  9. jay says:

    hey i was just wanting some help about my pali ret just wanted someone to look at my gear and give me any hints thank you

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