Elemental Boss Loot List

The final phase of the elemental envasion has begun, and with it comes four very familiar bosses!   The bosses for the elemental invasion can be attempted after the elementals in the main cities have been defeated.

Only a few may be attempted at a time, and they will not be around permanently, so make sure to get your attempts in while they are up!

Also, Patch 4.0.3 is going up today as well it seems:)

Here are the loot lists for Retribution Paladins in regards to the Elemental invasion bosses!  I have included off-spec pieces as well.





  1. MstSage says:

    Just a note on this, all the bosses have the same loot table. according to wopedia so you could run the same boss over and over to try and get what you need. but highly unlikely… i guess.

  2. lordmogg says:

    is it an additional instance then that you can pick? kind of like the headless horseman? im at work!!

  3. lordmogg says:

    p.s. i need that necklace!!!

  4. MstSage says:

    i got the necklace after a few tries.

  5. Agonus says:

    Yes, you can queue for the individual bosses in a manner similar to the holiday bosses, but only for about an hour after the elementals have been cleared out of the cities.

    On a separate note, if you have lag/latency issues, it is advisable to stay out of the major cities during the invasions. I had problems with losing my connection and not being able to reconnect due to the extremely high traffic in Stormwind.

  6. Brad says:

    I was having major lag problems in SW as well, but I found that my computer runs much smoother if I turn off the game’s sound during these events. No d/c’s after that.

  7. tk says:

    Got the shield my first run, the ret ring the third. So, yay, no complaints.

    But it does seem funny that they are dropping 251 gear two weeks before 277 gear becomes obsolete. I wish they were dropping flavor stuff instead, stuff that would still be interesting in a year when we are all reminiscing about the crazy elemental invasions of ’10.

    I guess I have a complaint after all.

  8. lordmogg says:

    so we dont have to complete some questline before we get at the bosses? or do you have to take part in the ” invasion ” to be able to get on it?

    I was looking around stormwind last night and there were a lot of people about but nothing happening

  9. tk says:

    You don’t have to do the questline. Once the invasion is defeated, the portals open, and you can jump in or just use the LFD.

  10. b says:

    They don’t share loot. Just look at the names…how much sense would it make if a wind elemental dropped “flamelash amulet”

  11. lordmogg says:

    got onto two of the bosses last night. i think there are 4 in total. still no necklace tho

  12. Alexcalibur says:

    Off topic question .. I’m wondering about the t10 4 piece set bonus. Would trading out my Lightsworn gloves and chest for Gatecrasher’s Gauntlets and Castle Breaker’s Battleplate make up for the loss? .. or should I just go into cataclysm with what I’ve got.

  13. Gnarls says:

    I would suggest keeping your 4 set bonus. no need speding JP now. im aming at the 4k roof on JP before cata hits.
    btw, got all the stuff for my holy os from the bosses now 😀

  14. shortnickles says:

    lewt table is not shared, idc, who said it was, but i have run all four bosses 20+ times. i know for a fact the shield only comes from the fat chick, the healy ring only comes from the three headed dragon, so on and so on.

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