Deathbringer’s Will and Needle Encrusted Scorpion Re-designed

Retribution Paladins just got two new trinkets to play with.  Deahtbringer’s Will and Needle Encrusted Scorpion were both stacked with armor penetration prior to Patch 4.0.1.  Now, they have had their stats changed, and look like this:

Needle Encrusted Scorpion is now probably the best trinket you can get pre-raid besides Darkmoon Card: Greatness.

Deathbringer’s Will finally is viable for Rets, so expect there to be tough competition for this drop in ICC now that you can add Paladins to the mix.

When NES dropped in my 5-man Heroic Forge of Souls, I almost passed on it.  I randomly thought to inspect it, and sure enough, the armor pen buff was gone, replaced by haste.  I lost the roll, but I’ll definitely head back to see if I can’t loot it and test it out!

I don’t have  a DBW, and that’s a shame, because I think I could do some heavy damage with that equipped now.  Not that it matters much with 2 months until Cataclysm, but I will try to update the BiS trinkets list as soon as Rawr cooperates!


  1. Kenneth says:

    Do we ever get our Sacred Shield back…or the art of war proc more for flash of light…the damn rogue’s with their recupperation heals more in combat then a ret:S….a warrior heals more then a ret in combat…what’s wrong nowadays….DONT KILL OUR HEALS TO SURVIVE!!! gief back our sacred shield!!!

  2. Hagen says:

    Our heals aren’t killed. Did you use WoG with PotI talent? Our healing is somehow nerfed, but still can top us.

  3. Vanadiell says:

    Yesterday I found out you can heal yourself nicely like this:

    1) Crusader Strike, Judgement, Crusader Strike
    2) Activate Zealotry
    3) Crusader Strike (now gives 3 holy power due to Zealotry), Divine Light.
    4) Crusader Strike, Divine Light
    5) Crusader Strike, Divine Light

    I was lucky and due to a proc I could do an extra Divine Light.

    I healed myself for 4 x 6000 hp in 4 instant casts. 24k heal isn’t that bad right:D

  4. Gilford says:

    To be honest, i am currently using “Herkuml War Token” and “Mark of Supremacy” reforged to give only 77 hit rating and 51 Crit. is that a bad combo ?

  5. Triggap says:

    So what would Deathbringer’s Will give us exactly? And would it be worth replacing either my Herkumi War Token or Tiny Abomination in a Jar?

  6. Blitz says:

    hey khor r we guna have to start stacking haste with armor and gems for our Crusader Strike to be a lower CD? i guess should have asked this before i went and spent 1.2k on regeming =\

  7. Khor says:

    @ Blitz – Right now, the simplest I can put it is that we are gemming for pure strength, and any reforging is usually going to be for haste. I am still crunching numbers on haste, but the gem situation is pretty much set since our T9 and T10 bonuses are flat damage buffs now.

  8. Gilford says:

    Is 2 Tier 9 + 2 Tier 10 still the best combo ?

  9. Khor says:

    @ Gilford, I believe 2 T9 and 2 T10 is still the way to go until 4T10. The set bonuses are flat damage buffs, but I believe the 2 T9 is still worth keeping. I’ll research that and make note of it. (I have lots of research to do, so many changes!)

  10. Hudewey says:

    Khor, great site & info on the patch. What changes for ret pallys. Are you using Seal of Truth mostly? or Righteousness?

    And, i have 4T10. But, the raging behemouth shoulders i have are much better than the lightsworn lvl251. Are the bonuses worth keeping all 4T10 on? My legs are LPainful Death & probably won’t switch those to the Lightsworn. Looking forward to your updates. Thanks.

  11. Mo says:

    Any idea if normal DBW outperforms Tiny Abom or H WFS?

  12. Ashure says:


    I have been seriously thinking about our t10 bonus’s and really feel that our 4 set is really not that strong since judge was nerfed in damage. and can see using 2 set, but getting 277 (icc 25 heroic) gear to replace some pieces. I think the stats on the higher 277 from our 264 sanc pieces would make a better punch.

    On a test dummy i have switched out one piece to brake up my 4 set and i did more damage out put w/o 4 set every time.

    just wanted some info on how you feel.

    Thanks again for your time.

    Ashure of Darkspear

  13. Khor says:

    @ Ashure – I am right there with ya. Since even the 10% Judgement glyph isn’t BiS, why in the world would the T10 bonus be legit? This is one of the many things I am trying to hammer out for us. When I get concrete information, I’ll definitely post it up 🙂

  14. Preyth says:

    I had my chance a few minutes ago to get the Needle Encrusted Scorpion from Forge of Souls heroic. Unfortunately I guess since pugs are so used to DEing everything I needed on it naturally everyone else in the group (all whom had no use for it) needed on it and I did not get it. :\

  15. Sky says:

    Why is STS not mentioned in this post as it was also changed and is an even better ret trinket than DBW at the moment.

  16. Fulgora says:

    Is NES still considered a good trinket if we are at our soft haste cap? Compared, to lets say, Mirror of Truth that procs +1000 AP?

  17. Akis says:

    Got the same prob as Fulgora , i got soft haste rating cap , and i did get that trinket yesterday should i replace mirror of truth or keep it for the 1k ap proc ?

  18. Dahkness says:

    With respects to DBW, provided that my data is accurate, for paladins, you will get one of three different procs. You can get 600 STR, 600 Haste or 600 Crit rating. I don’t know if the chance for each individual proc is a 1/3 chance or not so here is where it gets iffy. With current 5% increase from mark/kings you are looking at 1260 AP when the str proc is up. As that is our best stat over the other 2 I only posted that information. The proc lasts 30 seconds on a 90 second ICD, with RNG because it doesn’t proc instantly it’s around a 30% uptime as opposed to 33%, this is pretty standard for most trinkets with respects to proc rate uptime.

    With STS from RS, you get a little more base stats which is crit. As for the proc however, you get 1304 AP which is roughly equivalent to 620 STR. This, unlike DBW is the only proc. It lasts for 15 seconds with a 45 second ICD, and once again has an approximate up-time of 30%.

    I have yet to get the STS on regular RS but I did pass up the opportunity to get H DBW as I feel based on the calculations that it is still superior. For those who are wondering about the differences between DBW and (H)DBW the proc is 700 as opposed to 600.

    Hope this clears up some questions.

    ~Dahkness Doomhammer

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