Cataclysm Ret Video

Hey everyone, the guys over at have put up a pretty nice video on Rets and rotations in Cataclysm.  Cheers to Megaphone and the crew over there for a great vid!  If you liked the video, head on over to their site and leave a comment!

Keep in mind that until Cataclysm goes live, everything is possible, and changes still could come without mercy.  The idea is there though, and as you can see, playing Ret will be like playing a brand new class.


  1. Typhron says:

    They made a good video. Shows quite a bit of practical uses at 85 as opposed to what we’re doing on the PTR.

    Seems like we’re still not doing a lot in comparison to the old micromanagement we did before, however. Still beats tBC ret.

  2. I still don’t understand what is the point of having mana for a RET paladin when your mana basically stays 100%. I miss Divine Storm and consecration 🙁 I mean I don;t think its even necessary to have Divine Plea anymore. I’m sad very sad with this.

  3. Jambien says:

    Very nice. 3mins to proc!… a joke, no?

  4. Khor says:

    Divine Plea was nerfed, so it’s not as powerful anymore. Holy and Prot Paladins will still use it. In its current state, our DPS rotations do not include DS or Cons, but Blizz is not done with our class, and they will continue to work on it after Cata goes live. I do expect to see Consecrate jump into our rotations in some way or form. It may be much later after Cata launch, but I think it could still find utility.

  5. Zekento says:

    To me it seems as if its the casters time to shine in cata, to me it does not seem like melee is strong anymore but if you could shine some light on the subject, is melee good anymore or is it the casters that are taking the spot light in dps?

  6. Kenneth says:

    Hi guys, this is my first time on the website..ive been looking all over the place to find guys who knew what the hell their talking about…and finally i found this great info…the vid was really usefull for me..on youtube i see noobs who just cant rotate and hit like a dotting warlock:S.. now what im really interested in is how a retadin does his thing on ”raping” other classes.. I can see that the rotation does his thing nicely on a not moving wooden stick:P but i wonder if it’s also so easy to gain 3 holy power on a pvp player and burst him to death….i would like to see someone post a vid here how hes nuking some classes. And how is it with the Sacred Shield for retadins lately….it was THE THING for me…any possibility that its coming back for us in retri??..thank u all and i hope to see a vid soon:) Greetings Kenneth ( Djustice!!)

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