WoW Latency, Lag, and More…

Yep guys, you’re not the only ones out there.  Latency and lag has just bombarded us all.  Can’t open mail, loot mobs, talk to NPCs…no raid for me tonight.  We cancelled our runs about 5 minutes after being on the server.  It took me 13 minutes to load Khor into Stormwind.

Checked the WoW forums, and Blizz is aware of the issues and investigating.  I am really bummed maintenance did not clean this up today.  But have patience, all will be well again.  Guess I can go take out the trash and do some other chores I avoided today!


  1. youwanthtis says:

    Yeah this has been hitting me for the past few days! Absolutely driving me crazy as me and my friend are leveling and I try to raid on the side some. Very annoying indeed.

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