Top 10 WoW Occurences That Should Annoy Me, But Don’t

mining-titaniumDo you ever find yourself playing WoW, mining or herbing for a quick 30 minutes before a raid, when you spot that rare Titanium Ore, or maybe a Lichbloom?  With one quick motion, you swoop down from the sky, land right on top of the node, only to be engaged by some trivial, weakling mob, pelting you with miniscule damage.  Out of nowhere, while you dispense of the nuisance, another player lands right on top of your precious node, gathers, and flies away.  Frustrating much?

Not for me.  Surprisingly, I find myself in this situation many times.  I simply shrug it off and move on to the next node.  If I see that player again, and see him in a similar situation, you can bet I’m gonna do the same thing to him.  But if it’s a different player, I let them have their node.  No big deal either way.  Just because I am standing next to a node doesn’t mean it’s mine.  Sure, I could plant little Khor flags all over it, maybe even pee on the side of it to mark my territory…but it still is fair game to everyone.  I understand this, and whereas it bothers many players, it doesn’t bother me.

So, that got me to thinking…what kind of occurences in WoW should make me mad, but don’t?

  1. Ore and Herb Thiefs
  2. Players typing in ALL CAPS IN GENERAL CHAT.
  3. Clearly obvious kid players asking for help or gold.
  4. Players that bail and /leave party after several wipes, without warning.
  5. Auction House Undercutters.
  6. Getting ganked by Horde if I am accidentally flagged for PvP (PvE server), even while leveling.
  7. PUG raid leaders checking gear score.
  8. Ridiculously large Tauren on Mammoths and Kodos parking on top of crucial NPCs.
  9. Horde killing and camping Alliance Flight Path Masters. (It humors me to witness all the other player frustration)
  10. Reputation Grinds.

One the note of gear score checking, I will elaborate further due to this being a hot topic of discussion…and flaming.  PUG raid leaders only have one true measure of how a random player will perform for a given raid, and that is by looking at their gear (and maybe achievement checking).  There is no true way to determine the skill of a player unless you know them and/or have played with them before.

Lots of players are bashing gear score in that it does not accurately define the player’s skills.  THis is true.  But gear score isn’t intended for that.  It is just a simple screening method that has risen in popularity over the last several  months.  Do some PUG leaders abuse it?  Sure.  But for it’s intended purpose, I have no issues.


  1. incrusiable says:

    ,eh it doesnt bother me because if they start mining i have the large snowballs from the frost dude during summers thing and it get them off my node i still hae about 8 stacks of those XD

  2. Sion, Laughing Skull EU says:

    Snowballs disrupt mining?

    One thing that really doesn’t bother me, but bothers many people is newbie players. In fact, the thing that does annoy me is the horrible people who take the pi$$ out of them.

    Let’s face it we all remember a point during our played time where we didn’t know how to do something. Rather than abusing someone for not knowing something, help them out.

    Another thing that doesn’t bother me that probably should is dying in raids. Yeah, us plate wearers get high repair costs but whats the point in playing a game that you can 1 shot every time? My satisfaction comes from learning things and mastering them.

    I remember when WotLK came out – strategies for dungeons weren’t readily available and people had to learn tactics for themselves. These were quite memorable experiences, I remember fighting Loken for the first time and with each death we learned something new about the strategy.

    I think that sometime people forget this is a game.

  3. Jon says:

    Excellent topic to bring up as it really annoys me when players get abusive about so-called stealing of their ore! It is impossible to steal ore as you can’t take any item from anothers bag. Mining isn’t the most exciting pastime so a duel to see who can strike that ore first is quite good fun to me. With regard to the mob I always use Hammer of Justice and you can then mine the ore before you deal with the nuisance. This also prevents another player taking the ore from under your nose. You can also bubble if you are attacked my more than one mob and let the mob attack the other player if one appears.

    There seems to be little patience for players to learn, you can’t join a group for a dungeon in trade chat if you dont have the achievement already.

  4. incrusiable says:

    yah sion im talking bout the midsummers eve boss he drops big snowballs or large snowballs for one person every fight i jsut keep a stack or two because if u hit someone with it it knocks em back 2 yards

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