Profitable Mob Loot List

How many times while leveling to you go to a vendor and just clear your bags of all that trash mobs drop for us?  I do it all the time.  Even with five 16-slot bags, I always seem to need to make a trip to my nearby friendly vendor.  It has come to my attention that many players throw away some very valuable loot during this process!  This quick guide will show you the items I most commonly run into while leveling, that can be sold in the Auction House for a nifty profit.

These aren’t ground breaking, jaw-dropping profits, but they are better than average loot that can sell quick and easy.  Small amounts add up, and for any people, grabbing all the gold they can get is a top priority.  After all, flying mounts and training aren’t cheap!

This list covers vanilla WoW content, ranging levels 1 through 60.  I scanned he auction houses for these items on 5 different servers, coming up with my ranges.  These are consistent with what I have found from my own leveling experiences, leading me to believe they generally fall in this range.  Everything listed is estimated as a single unit, unless designated otherwise.

  1. Large Fang – 1 to 2g
  2. Giant Egg – 1 to 3g
  3. Elemental Air – 2 to 5g
  4. Elemental Earth – 3 to 9g
  5. Globe of Water – 3 to 7g
  6. Core of Earth – 4 to 9g
  7. Flask of Mojo – 1 to 2g
  8. Breath of Wind – 3 to 6g
  9. Essence of Air – 5 to 10g
  10. Essence of Earth – 2 to 6g
  11. Essence of Fire – 2 to 4g
  12. Essence of Water – 3 to 9g
  13. Essence of Undeath  – 2 to 10g
  14. Living Essence – 2 to 4g
  15. Linen Cloth – 1 to 3g per stack
  16. Wool Cloth – 3 to 8g per stack
  17. Mageweave Cloth – 4 to 12g per stack
  18. Runecloth – 3 to 7g per stack
  19. Silver Bars -2 to 6g
  20. Gold Bars – 2 to 6g
  21. Truesilver Bars – 4 to 10g
  22. Small Lustrous Pearl – 1 to 2g
  23. Iridescent Pearl – 1 to 5g
  24. Black Pearl – 3 to 15g
  25. Golden Pearl – 5 to 10g
  26. Vibrant Plume – 50s to 1g
  27. Evil Bat Eye – 1 to 2g
  28. Glowing Scorpid Blood – 50s to 1g
  29. Sandworm Meat – 50s to 2g
  30. Deeprock Salt – 25s to 1.5g


Bars – The bars are common drops found in treasure chests.  Even in early levels, Silver bars are no strangers to chests.  Always hit those treasure chests!

Cloth – With the exception of Silk Cloth, just about every other type can be sold for good gold.  Send all those extra stacks straight to the AH!

Pearls – The Pearls are found by opening clams dropped from killing all those sea-faring mobs.

This list, will of course change over time, and who knows what will happen to these items come Cataclysm.  But for now, make sure you are earning every extra bit of gold you can get your hands on!  Always keep in mind the rules of supply and demand are factors even in the WoW economy, so even if there is a surplus of your particular item at one time, there will almost certainly be a drought and demand for it at a later date!


  1. Thynas, Dalaran server says:

    Golden pearls (which are used in the vanilla WOW + 30 spell power encahnt)typically go for 35g to 70g on my server.

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